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Hello, dear visitors of the site MINIHALVA.RU! This site was created by me in 2010 immediately after retirement. And for these seven years he changed and grew old with me as usual a living person. At first it was the site of an operating machine-building company, offering its equipment and services. Then it turned into an information site that distributes "smart" advice in the field of mechanical engineering and food technologies. The site touched all sides of my life and there was always a page in it, dedicated to painting and various entertainments. But gradually the share of "entertainment" began to outweigh already very few people the necessary machine-building ballast. And the site turned into a personal site of an amateur artist. Love for writing has grown out of hatred for the inhuman style of Soviet technical service correspondence. Thanks to my former boss, who forced me many times to rewrite letters to our counterparties, in which outside a decent style was to hide the simple thought that they were all "goats". Thanks also to the Russian mat, the knowledge of which was extremely proud of E.Hemingway. Thanks to him I kept a tender love for the living Russian language. I already wanted to remove all technical and technological pages from the site, but the daily 40-50 visitors to these pages stopped me from this barbarity. Let them look and download for health. Sincerely, Nikolai Rusin.

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