Peanuts. Equipment for the removal of the shell and red film

Source: 2007 Sometimes it is preferable to store peanuts shelled form, ie free from amniotic membranes. At the shelling plant beans, peanuts are cleaned from impurities (dirt, rocks, roots and stems of the particle) and placed in special drums are equipped with rows of screens with different mesh size. When you rotate the drum beans rubbing against each other, freeing up the core of the amniotic membranes. The kernels are calibrated, are through screens with the appropriate cell size. Rotary peanut cleared from the remnants of husks and impurities electronic sorters and by visual inspection. These processes guarantee a high quality raw materials. Sorted and calibrated core placed in jute bags for storage or sale. If necessary, peanuts can be stored in a form that is blanched okolosemyannoy free from the shell. For this nucleus is placed in the mechanism where they are processed by a jet of warm air, the shell is slightly dry up and become brittle, then the shells of small incisions are made, nuclei in xcontact with the moving roller shells are removed. Source: 2008 Machine for blanching and cleaning husks ("skin") of raw peanuts. The machine is designed for cleaning and blanching raw peanuts. The main characteristics of the equipment: structure is made of stainless steel AISI 304, machine is equipped with three sets of steel rollers with replaceable coating, operating at different speeds and controlled according to the type of product, the slope of the plate supply of the product are to change the speed and processing time nut endpoint discharging the purified product can be individually for each machine or centrally for the complete line. Performance: Estimated performance of one machine of 250-300 kg / h Performance of the complete line ranges from 500 to 5000 kg / h Machine for blanching and treatment from the husk

Source: Elemash - packaging machinery and food processing equipment in 2006 Machine for removing soft shell nuts The machine is designed for mechanical cleaning of the roasted nuts soft shell or ask for shelling, peanut obshelushivaniya Performance (average) of 100 kg / h The continuous mode of operation Supply voltage 3 fazy/380 V/50 Hz Power drive shafts peeled 2.2 kW Fan power suction The mass of 0.37 kW 240 kg. Dimensions in mm 1420h1035 Height, mm 1940 The volume of the hopper, (l) 45 IP 54 (standard), IP 66 (in xagreement) Description of construction: The machine consists of a hopper feeder with a valve, roughing module stone ramparts and keeps out the tray, air-cleaning unit, frames, motor, the fan control unit. The principle of operation of the machine based on a multistage mechanical treatment roasted peanuts from a soft shell. Fried peanuts, and cooled fed into the hopper of the machine, emptying out flat on the Sole vraschyayushiesya shafts. In motion is stripping (removal) of a soft shell nuts. Ochishenny peanut rolls transported to vysypnyh holes, and shot shell wakes up in the gap between the shaft and removed from the machine. In the further transportation to the exit of the car is cleaned peanuts of the fasciculi and broken pieces and further winnow. The quality of cleaning depends on the extent and uniformity of roasted nuts and quality of the peanut seeds (seeds must be calibrated and have smorshennyh, immature and defective beans.) The degree of purification of up to 99%. The machine is simple to use and does not require highly skilled personnel at work. Details of xcontact with the product are made of stainless steel. Machine for blanching and treatment from the husk
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