Vacuum packing

Источник: 2005 г. Packaging in vacuum eliminates the harmful effect on them oxygen and other components of air. This, of course, the oxidation fat-containing and the ability of the microflora. Vakuummirovanie increases the shelf wide range of food products subject to spoilage, food packaging gives an aesthetic appearance look, protects against loss of freshness and flavor. Vacuum is applied Packaging not only food but also medical, cosmetic and other products. The process of vacuum packaging is the product in the tray or package is placed in an open chamber in which a vacuum is not below 5.0 - 7.5 Torr, after which the packaging is sealed by welding, and after recovery in the chamber air pressure is removed from the apparatus. In most modern vacuum-packaging machines by filling the chamber and protective packaging after vakuummirovaniya an inert gas. On a design vacuum packing machines can be suitable for packaging products in the pre-made trays or polymer bags. Such devices in the Russian market are well represented Dutch companies Henkovac, Henkelman, a Japanese company Mitsubarak and many other foreign and domestic enterprises. Devices of this type are mounted in a metal building a vacuum chamber connected to a vacuum pump conduit and with a modified gas tank and close the hinged cover the welding frame. Laid in the nest chamber trays with product covered by a film, stretch manually placed on the side or rear wall of the unit coil so that the film is completely covered trays. The digital control panel, equipped with a programmable microprocessor, set all the parameters of the process vakuummirovaniya, gas filling, welding and others. Then the lid is closed apparatus and vacuum packaging process is carried out automatically. Apparatus for vacuum packing food in plastic bags differ considered by the lack of slots for trays and welding the frame, rather than which incorporates two welding lines. The upper line is fixed to chamber lid and the bottom is set in the camera with the possibility of vertical movement. PACKING When the camera is placed in a package product so that its edges were sealed at the bottom of the welding line. The chamber is then closed with a lid, it creates vacuum and, if necessary together with a package filled with a modified gas mixture. The bottom line is lifted welding, presses the edge package to the top of the line and made Electro-welding. After welding seam automatically by the program falls bottom line, is lapping the air and opens cover. In the single-chamber vacuum machines, all operations are performed each cycle sequentially after the previous one. Because of the impossibility of combining performance of single-chamber devices operation is small and leaves 2-3 cycles per minute. These devices are well suited for small companies, department stores and supermarkets, and meat packing fish products, convenience foods, salads and many other products. More productive two-chamber vacuum packaging machines with one fixed in 4 concurrent hinged lid. Two close The same camera can be placed alternately close this Cover and seal. Both cameras are connected to a common vacuum the system unit. Due to the combination of automatic vakuummirovaniya and packaging in the same cell in the blanks and tabs second chamber is achieved by a substantial increase in productivity two-chamber apparatus as compared to single chamber. For large industrial enterprises and wholesale trade centers more than appropriate and productive can be thread tape vakuumupakovochnye machines, providing capacity of up to 12 cycles per minute. The operator places the product on the tray with a belt conveyor, moves the workpiece in a vacuum chamber. During automatically perform all subsequent operations, vacuum packaging the operator is preparing the next workpiece, so the process is continuously. Apparatus for packaging in vacuum and modified atmosphere significantly different sizes of vacuum chambers and thus productivity vacuum pumps. If the amount of desktop devices vacuum chamber can bytmene 0.008 m3 and pump up 4 m3, the powerful interior apparatus may have a volume of the chamber 0.2 m3 and pump 300 m3 / h. New generation of machines for packing in a vacuum and modified the atmosphere with powerful microprocessors with software series additional functions, such as an additional vacuum, soft crimp, multitsikl, double seam welding, cutting the seam, low vacuum for incomplete vakuummirovaniya. An additional function of a vacuum or "Vacuum plus" makes it possible to completely remove excess air from the package. Multitsikl in addition to a single vakuummirovaniyu can be repeated several times, which provides an extremely low oxygen in the package. With a soft crimp special aeration system in the the camera is fed air by gently pressing out the package with the product, without damaging product and eliminating the wrinkles on the package. Of great interest is the so-called vacuum packaging Skin (Second skin), a variety of piece goods. For the manufacture of Skin-packing used specially adapted single-chamber a vacuum apparatus. The vacuum chamber of the apparatus is closed above the perforated platform. On this platform is placed a sheet of porous cardboard stacked on it packaged items covered unwind from the roll of the polymer film and with it pressed tightly on the perimeter of the chamber. Then the heating of the film and vakuummirovanie camera. Through the perforated area and porous cardboard under the film creates a vacuum film under the influence of atmospheric pressure envelopes packed subjects by repeating their shape and tightly adhering to the cardboard backing. After cool cardboard backing with objects extracted from the chamber and cut into individual packages are stacked on the number of her articles. Vacuum packing
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