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Model 6YL-95A
Passport 6YL-95A.00.01.000 PM CONTENTS 1. Installation Overview 2. Main technical data and specifications 3. Composition Settings 4. Delivery 5. Design and principle of operation of the plant 6. Security measures 7. Electric equipment 8. Notes on operation, maintenance maintenance and repair 9. Mounting steps 10. Certificate of acceptance 11. Warranty Installation Overview 1.1. Maslopress SCREW OIL PRESS Model 6YL-95A (hereinafter referred to as Installation) designed to produce oil from oil products such as sunflower, cotton seeds, beans, groundnuts, sesame, tung nuts, and so on. Used in small businesses and farms. Work surfaces Plants having xcontact with food products made of materials permitted by RTM 27-72-15-82. The unit is designed to accommodate a fire risk "B" on ONTP 24-86, Class II-2 RB. 1.2. Execution of the installation provides its safe operation from the power source of 380 V (50Hz). 2. TECHNICAL DATA AND SPECIFICATIONS Maximum capacity: Rapeseed .t/d................................4000 cotton, not less Cotton seeds.t/d.............................2000, not less Peanuts.t/d..................................3000, not less The number of daily meal making: Rapeseed %...................................6.5 Cotton seeds are not more than...............6 % Peanuts .....................................7 % Installed power kW ......................... 7.5 at least Supply voltage V. .......................... 380 (50 Hz) The engine speed min-1 ..................... 960 Rotational speed of screw min-1 ............ 27 Overall dimensions: - Length mm max ............................ 1600 - Width mm max ............................. 700 - Height mm less than in ....................1350 Weight kg .................................. 520 no more 3. INSTALLATION OF 3.1 The drive is shown in Fig. 1. Сайт для инженеров и механиков Number of poses. Name A pulley-belt transmission 2 even pulley 3 gear 4 pinion 5 gear 6 drive shaft mechanism 7 Intermediate shaft mechanism 8 screw 9 Gear 10 feed auger 11 bevel gear 12 bevel gear 13 roller feeder 14 even pulley 15 motor The cut gearbox shown in Figure 2. Сайт для инженеров и механиков Number of poses. Name 1 Bearing cover 2 gear housing 3 plug holes. Oil filling 4 Gear 5 Retaining Ring 6 Bearing 218 (2 pcs) Plate 7 8 Keys 9 Shaft 10 Gear 11 Gear 12 Bearing 308 (4 units) 13 Gear Cover 14 Sprinkler oil 15 checking the oil level window 16 Cuff 17 the drain holes. oil 18 even pulley 19 Pulley V-belt transmission Incision housing arrangement is shown in Figure 3. Сайт для инженеров и механиков Number of poses. Name An upper section of the Ring 2 3 Zeer 4 Ring 5 rings of the first stage 6 The central ring 7 Ring Secondary Ring 8 of the second stage 9 Rings of the second stage Ring 10 of the second stage 11 adjusting ring 12 Conical sleeve 13 Lower body Incision housing arrangement is shown in Figure 4. Сайт для инженеров и механиков Number of poses. Name A screw shaft 2 Thrust ring 3 spiral auger boot Revolution 4 first-stage auger 5 Revolution screw of the first stage 6 Transitional turn the screw 7 Revolution second stage auger 8 Revolution second stage auger 9 Unloading cone 10 press cone 11 Handle 12 Nut 13 Handle 14 press nut 15 Bushing 16 Press bush 17 Thrust bearing 8308 (2 pcs) 4. PACKAGE 1. Maslopress SCREW OIL PRESS 6YL-95A model in the collection - 1 piece. 2. Control panel assembly - 1 pc. 3. Passport 6YL-95A.00.01.000 PM - 1 pc. 5. CONSTRUCTION AND OPERATION SETTING The installation consists of a feeder, gear, body press auger and the ground. 1.Pitatel: The feeder consists of a hopper, feeding screw, bevel gear, shaft, etc. Hopper capacity - about 57 L. The diameter of large pulley - 92 mm and a small 88 mm. The diameters of the feed auger - 70 and 60 mm respectively. Gear ratio bevel gear - 2.94. 2.Reduktor: Consists of a body double cylindrical gear transmission the output of the hollow shaft, the feed port, etc. Hole Oil filling nahoditya top of the gearbox housing. Check the oil level hole located at the side of the body. Oil drain plug is located at the bottom of the case. 3.Korpus Press: It consists of upper and lower parts, zeernyh bars, rings, etc. On the one hand it is associated with reduction gear, the other with vygruzhnym mechanism. 4.Shnek shaft: Consists of a shaft, screw turns, the pressing cone, etc. The material of the shaft, the screw turns, the pressing cone - Carbon steel 20. The gap between the press cone and cone device vygruzhnogo determines the thickness of the cake and the whole process of pressing. It is governed screw mechanism. 5.Osnovanie: It consists of a frame, front support, the oil drain tray and protective mudguard. Pressure compressible material creates a rotating screw turns and a resistance device for vygruzhnogo cake. Pressing oil is determined by the following three processes: 1) Force of contraction of the product. When you rotate the auger moves the product in the axial direction. Due to the permanent reduction of the gap between the turns of the screw and zeernymi bars increases pressure product. 2) The gap in vygruzhnom device for cake. With the gap reduced pressure of the product increases. 3) The frictional resistance. During grinding, a large frictional resistance between the particles product between the product, and screw rings leads to zeernymi increase in temperature of the product and, consequently, to change protein structure, reducing the viscosity of the oil and release the active oil from the fiber. Motor rotates the drive shaft of the gearbox via a V-belt peredachu.Dvuhstupenchataya cylindrical gear reducer rotates pressing screw. From the drive shaft through gear transmission ploskoremennuyu and a conical toothed gear rotation is transmitted the feed auger. 6. SAFETY 6.1 Operation settings should produce professionals trained and certified in the prescribed manner. 6.2 Particular attention should service settings draw on the serviceability of electrical wiring and grounding. 6.3 Setting designed to accommodate fire areas "B" on ONTP 24-86, Class II-II SEP. 6.4 Setting and control unit must be connected to earthing in accordance with the rules of RB. 6.5 When carrying out repairs and adjustment work is necessary disable the installation of an introductory circuit breaker. PERFORM REPAIRS to a complete stop INSTALLATION NEVER! 6.6 When you open the lid of the working unit and protect the belt transfer, you must first disable installation of an introductory breaker. WORK FOR THE INSTALLATION OF THE LID OPEN UNIT AND SHIELD BELT TRANSFER PROHIBITED! 6.7 Personnel involved maintenance of electrical equipment, and and its adjustment and repair, shall: - Have access to electrical service voltage 1000 V; - Know the current rules of technical operation and Security Services Electrical Industrial companies GOST 12.1.019 and GOST 12.3.019; - The orders of the security measures that contained herein; - To know the principle of electrical installations. 6.8 Particular attention should be paid to ventilation in the room. The room should be well ventilated, you should regularly delete dust. Dust on the electrical installation is not allowed! 7. ELECTRIC 7.1 Electrical installation includes a three-phase squirrel-cage induction motor. 7.2 Description of the electrical Inclusion of an introductory machine QF voltage is applied to the principal and auxiliary circuits. Pressing the SB1 "START-RIGHT" KM1 coil actuator receives food, the main xcontacts include motor M1. Block xcontact KM1 shall maintain continuous operation motor after releasing the button SB1. Stop by pressing the SB2 "STOP". At the same time KM1 xcontactor off, turns off the motor M1. Pressing the SB3 "START-REVERSE" coil starter gets KM2 food, the main xcontacts include motor M1. Block xcontact KM2 shall maintain continuous operation motor after releasing the button SB3. Stop by pressing the SB2 "STOP". At the same time KM1 xcontactor off, turns off the motor M1. 7.3 Preparation for initial start-up At initial start-up is necessary to release magnetic starters from wedges to check the reliability of visual inspection Clamping wires, grounding and installation integrity electrical equipment. After inspecting the installation connect to the network 380 (50 Hz), introductory machine. Flash of precision check operation magnetic starters, and in the correct direction of rotation motor. In the case of incorrect direction of rotation change the order of the phase rotation by interchanging the two wires all phases. The comparison is idle. 7.4 Notes on operation of electrical equipment Periodically examine the start and relay equipment. xcontact electric apparatus must be cleaned of dust, dirt and soot. When viewed from the relay apparatus should pay special attention the reliability of making and breaking xcontact bridges. Frequency of Inspections engine installed in the Depending on production conditions, but at least once in two months. 8. OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS, MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR 8.1 installation procedure. The installation must be anchored to the foundation with bolts so that axis of the screw was at 700-800 mm above the ground (earth). Installation should be otgorizontirovana. Distance between the axes of foundation bolts - 710 * 426 mm. When installing electrical equipment, motor current ammeter should be installed near the plants so that the operator can watch current and timely adjust the pressure in the press. Before the initial start-up is necessary: - Ground installation; - Connect to the mains, check that the voltage electrical installation; - To familiarize with the appointment of the controls; - Connect the ventilation system in place; - Check of the hand work of all the mechanisms set, smooth rotor feeder, absence of foreign objects into bunker, work unit installation. 8.2. Preparations for the launch 1) after transport and installation, the new press has to be cleaned. Clean the surfaces from rust, to reopen the axis of the screw, open the camera and carefully wipe grinding internal and the outer surface of the worm tissue. 2) Check the oil level in the gearbox. Add oil if its level is below normal. Check for other lubricated parts and add grease. 3) Check for foreign objects, especially metal, Pressing the camera. Manual crank pulley-belt transmission so he moved more than 8 turns. At this time, check the normality of the clutch, the absence of any blocking. 4) Check and adjust belt tension. Poor tension will slow down the speed and reduce the longevity of the belt, and a strong tension leads to increased efforts on the axis of the engine, and hence to overheat. 5) Check whether the output meal free. If not, then sudden supply of the product will plug into the outlet, and even equipment failure due to overload. Thickness cake should be changed from thick to thin gradually. 6) Prepare all tools and accessories. 8.3. Running 1) Start the engine, break in at idle. course of 15 minutes. Verify the electric current at idle, it should be ~ 3 A. If the current is higher, the engine is restarted after a scan. During idling, note in the absence of extraneous noise in the gearbox, the work of individual parts and engine temperature. 2) If all goes well, download the product at the feeder. At the beginning of grinding cake can be a low temperature and contain more oil. Product feed should not be too large, otherwise the camera is formed cork and oil output will not be. 3) As the temperature in the cell density of cake will be increased, and oil content in it decreases. The temperature of the product it is desirable to increase gradually. 4) Turn the adjusting screw and slowly decrease the thickness of the cake. 5) After the press will go into normal operation, remove cake, which was obtained first, with a fairly high content of oil and uniformly mix it with the original product. 8.4. Normal operation l) During normal operation, the supply of product to be uniform, neither too large nor too small, because this may affect on oil yield and longevity of the press. 2) In normal operation, the thickness of cake - usually 1,5 - 2,5 mm. humidity 1 ~ 2. 5%; pressing temperature - 120 ... 135 C (depending on type of product). 3) Pay attention to the testimony of the ammeter. During normal of the current should be this - 12-14A. If this value is exceeded means that the pressure and flow - too big. Sudden current increase suggests that a traffic jam in the press, stop starting immediately. Wait until the current falls to normal value, then turn the pitch. If the current is too small this indicates a lack of supply and pressure. 4) Pay attention to the state cake. In normal operation, cake solid, comes in the form of tiles, smooth on one side and a few small folds on the other hand, there should be no oil on the surface and the smell of the burnt product. If the moisture in the cake too much, it will be soft and fragile. If too little cake will be like a dark powder with a smell of something burning. 5) Pay attention to the oil yield. In normal operation, the main output of oil should be in the second half of the press, but the first only slightly. The oil should be transparent. If the moisture content of the product is too large, will be published slurry is a mixture of pulverized oil product. 6) Exit slurry during normal operation must be very small. If the moisture content of the product is too low will leave powder. 7) Pay attention when using the press to its temperature and noise. 8) Keep a clean press. 8.5. Stop the presses. l) before stopping the press first stop flow and weaken out cake. When the cake out stops the installation can be stopped. If the cake remain in the press, then the next start may cause of its failure. 2) Delete the press and the environment. 8.6. Pay attention to users: l) If the raw material has a high oil content (tea seeds, tung, Cypress ...) The gaps between the rings zeernymi should be increased, and the frequency rotation of the screw is increased to 35 min-1. 2) When using the settings for some grinding of bran zeernye rings should be replaced with a blank ring to avoid leaks. 3) Staff working in the media should know the contents this manual. 8.6. Service. 1). Daily check of the hand work of all mechanisms for installing, smooth rotation of the rotor feeder, absence of foreign objects into bunker, work unit installation; 2). Every day, check and eliminate the presence of dust in electrical equipment. 3). Wear of rubbing parts of the press, the quality of compaction will deteriorate, and these items must be replaced. 4). Necessary to protect the press from being hit by solid and metallic objects. 5). Frequency of service: disassembly of the screw - 1 per month; partial disassembly of the press - 2 times a year; complete disassembly of the press - a once a year; 8.3 Lubrication During the operation of the machine to produce lubrication points set according to the instructions given in Table 6. Especially must carefully monitor the condition of bearings work package installation. Grease - Grease is made by filling 75% bearing cavities after receiving nipples. Settled excess temperature of the outer surface housing bearings should noxtexceed 55? C. 9. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 9.1 Transportation of plants should be carried out feet loader, let down by the support frame. 9.2 Before installation, thoroughly clean the installation from corrosion-resistant coatings applied to open and Closed rough surface. Grease is removed clean towels soaked with gasoline, a solvent (white spirit). 9.3 Setting is set on the foundation bolts, which then fixed with nuts. At the same time must be ensured stable position installation - it should not wobble. Leveling with the installation required. 10. CERTIFICATE OF ACCEPTANCE Maslopress SCREW OIL PRESS 6YL-95A model serial number 20 002 meets the requirements set design Documentation 6YL-95A.00.01.000 and found fit for use. 11. WARRANTY 11.1 The warranty period settings - 6 months. Start the warranty period begins from the day start Plants in operation, but no later than one month from the date of shipment consumer. 2.11 life of the plant before the first major repair - 6 months in one shift settings. 11.3 The manufacturer guarantees that the plants statutory requirements and xagrees to grant repair a failed installation throughout warranty period, subject to the rules of the consumer storage, transportation, installation and operation are given in This passport. 11.4 Replacement of wearing parts and materials purchased (Belts, starters, push buttons, lamps, etc.) provides the consumer. 11.5 We reserve the right to make minor modifications to the plants, not reflected in this data sheet. INSTALLATION Calculated one-shift operation No more than 8 HOURS!
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