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LEMON (juice, zest)

LEMON (juice, zest)
Lemon is a citrus subtropical fruits. Bred in the south Black Sea coast and the adjoining areas of West Georgia. Lemons with a slight greenish removed from the tree in November or early December and can be stored in the refrigerator until the summer. The structure consists of lemons (average in%): Citric acid - 5.87, invert sugar - 1.97, caxapoza-0, 09, nitrogen-free extractives - 10.3. The aroma is due to the estuary by the content of essential oils, the greatest whose number is in the outer layer - the crust. In the lemon contains Vitamin C (50 to 94 mg per 100 g of fruit) and a number of carotene. In lemons skin on average 47.9%, meat - 49.7%, and the seeds - 2.4%. Limani go on sale wrapped in tissue paper and packed in boxes. The cost of lemons is determined by the diameter of the fruit (on grade Lemons are not divided). Lemons are calibrated as follows: 42 to 45 mm, from 45 to 51 mm, 51 to 60 mm and 60 mm and above. Keep lemons should be in the cold store for fruit in the refrigerator or oven at a temperature of 5-10 °. Lemons are widely used in cooking various dishes in the enterprises catering. Use lemon, sliced, slices, as well as squeezed lemon juice, zest. When cutting a lemon slice is sometimes used curly cutting (karbovanny lemon). Purified lemon, cut into slices and served with tea, coffee separately on the outlet is placed in liquid soups, served to schnitzel, fish fries, and lemon with skin, sliced for a shish kebab, meat and fish products deep-fried or grilled. Lemon juice may be pressing on a special machine or by hand. Lemon juice watering dishes such as fried brains, fried veal tyuchki, national dishes (scrambled eggs with meat, pumpkin, walnuts, etc.). Lemon juice is inserted into the many fish, mushroom and egg-butter sauce. Peel by removing a thin layer of peel of lemon. In the peel contained the greatest number of essential oils. After cutting her skin finely chopped and injected into the dish. Peel can prepare for the future, in this case, after chopping it is dried and then packed into glass or tin, and tightly close the lid. White layer of the skin of lemon, which is under the outer yellow layer of cooking is not used as the heat treatment, he said the dish bitter. Lemon peel used to flavor dishes - rump steak, fruit jellies, mousses, ice cream, as well as different types of test mulled wine (mulled wine used in the manufacture and lemon, sliced slices). When processing a lemon you can get 33% juice and 10% of its tseschry of weight. Lemon, sliced, served on a separate socket or fits batched on a piece of fish, meat dishes in the implementation. In the hodgepodge lemon laid before the release of her. Lemon juice is put into a dish at the end of his of preparation. Peel sprinkled with holiday dish or put it in the manufacturing process. Lemon gives the dish a sour taste and distinctive aroma, and enrich it with vitamin C. Norms bookmark lemon usually calculated in units (1 / 10 to 1 / 4 pcs.) Or in whole pieces, since lemons are sold individually and vary in weight, depending on size. Norma bookmark peel - 0.2 grams per serving.
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