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hot pepper

hot pepper
Cayenne pepper - a plant of the nightshade family, is cultivated in Stalingrad, Rostov, and Crimea regions, Krasnodar and Stavropol the edges of the southern regions of Ukraine, Central Asia, the Caucasus and Moldavian SSR. The fruit of pepper (pod) reaches 11 cm in length with an average transverse diameter - 5 cm, its shape is spherical, oval, conical, curved or a straight line. Stained or dark ripe fruit is bright red, orange, yellow, and immature - green. Pepper to taste divided into sweet (paprika), often called the "bell" Peninsula and hot (hot), sometimes called "cayenne." Spicy hot taste and aroma of pepper particular due to the presence in it of substance capsaicin in an amount up to 0.9%. Fruits with low content of capsaicin belong to xagroup of sweet, but with a lot - to xagroup of hot pepper. Pepper contains vitamins A, C (up to 250 mg per 100 g), and in the mature red pepper vitamins contain more than the green. Bell peppers in fresh stores 5 - 10 days, the bitter remains throughout the winter and during storage (in limbo) podvyalivayut slightly. Mode storage of red pepper is the same as other spices. In cooking, use unripe sweet and hot peppers mature, and Green pepper is used only in fresh and canned form, and the red - Fresh or dried. Ripe peppers are used as a spice as a whole and milled form (Powder), in the preparation of filling soups (meat, fish and vegetable) particularly in the manufacture of soup, cabbage soup, as well as dishes from stews (Goulash, ATPase, etc.) and various national dishes (meat, fish and vegetables). Mortgaging pepper in a dish in the manufacturing process. In addition, ground red peppers served on a table as a seasoning. Red pepper gives the dish a sharp taste, so enter it into a dish without the weight is not recommended. Norma bookmark red pepper - 0.01 grams per meal. Unripe peppers used to make stuffed dishes, and serves as a condiment in the manufacture of filling soups and dishes stew. Especially often it is used in the manufacture of the national of dishes. Green pepper is used in both fresh and canned (salt) form. Pickled green pepper as follows: pre-peeled and scalded Peppers are laid in rows in an earthenware dish, pour each row Wet salt and then placing the press. After two or three weeks canned pepper can be used in the manufacture of food. In addition, peppers harvested in this manner serves as a seasoning for foods, fried on a spit. Green pepper gives the dish a specific taste.
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