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The main parameters tested before ASSEMBLY MAIN TRANSMISSION

Mounting dimension C represents the distance from the end pinion to the axle differential. Theoretical assembly size is 53.4 mm. However, the selection of couples in the control machine to ensure proper xcontact on teeth and reception with silent of the driven and driving gears is moved along itxsaxis. Thus violated the theoretical size of the installation and introduced its first amendment. In addition, the height of the head pinion is different (Within tolerance) and, therefore, after the measurement of its nominal the height of the second amendment is made. The sum of these two amendments (Deviations) recorded electrographic at the ends of the leading and the driven gears as a general amendment to the theoretical size of the mounting S. If the number of amendments is "+" sign, it must be subtracted from the amount 53.4, if the sign "-", it must be added. This result is be the nominal size of a given pair of erection. Acceptable deviation from this size when the main gear assembly 0.02; -0.05 Mm. The lateral clearance between the mating teeth of a pair of master and slave gear is needed due to temperature changes that occur in during work site, the need to correct location the xcontact of the teeth and as a result of errors geometrical parameters in the processing of teeth gears. For the main transmission gear backlash measured along the normal the profile of the tooth driven gear (Fig. 111), should be located in range 0,10-0,22 mm, but for each individual taken a pair of gears is the difference between the maximum and minimum clearance shall noxtexceed 0.08 mm. The increase in the gap should be smooth, the difference between the two side of the gap adjacent teeth shall noxtexceed 0.03 mm. Preload bearings pinion axis creates load occurs when tightening the nut and the pinion adjustable by means of the spacer. Preload is determined by the moment of friction in the bearings (After the final tightening of the nut), which should be in range 0.15-0.25 kgesm. Measurements of friction torque produce after turning pinion 10-15 revolutions required for the release of working surfaces bearing grease on the conservation and acquisition their working conditions. Verified by the friction torque using the special tool (Figs. 112, 113). In its absence, the friction torque can be checked hand. When turning the hand flange mounted on pinion slots, be felt some resistance rotation, is not defiant, however, undue stress hands. Excessive increase in preload may lead to premature wear of bearings, and even to their jamming and exit out of order. Too little preload leads to an axial backlash pinion, to the deterioration of link pairs, wear of the teeth, to the gritting of the motion of the car coast down. Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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