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Removing and installing the front suspension

For the convenience of a suspension when removing it from the car or the repair of individual units appropriate to the suspension to use the tie-clip (Fig. 124). Screed must produce from bar steel 45 -11 mm, followed by quenching and tempering to a hardness of 286-321 HB. Set screed is required to lock the front spring suspension and prevent accidental injury when blossom spring. Screed must be installed before removing the front wheels, suspension springs when loaded vehicle weight. Location ties springs shown in Fig. 125. Initially has a lower end of the tie through the hole of the lower arm, and then injected into the upper cross hole. If the upper the end of the screed does not reach the hole in the palm rebound buffer, to compress the spring an additional burden. Removing the front suspension to produce the below sequence. 1.Install screed (see above). 2.Vyveste the engine by a cable or a steel rod, installed between the engine and bars, resting on the edge opening the hood. 3.Podstavte jack under the crossmember suspension lift front of the car, drop by the stand and remove the wheels. 4.Oslabte tightening the screws 11 (Fig. 126) on the axis of the lower arm, first removing the lock nut 12 and nut 8 on the upper axis leverage to ensure free turning in their armxsaxes and prevent accidental destruction of rubber silent-blocks in the subsequent assembly or disassembly of the suspension. 5.Otsoedinite tie rod to pitman arm and the pendulum drive, as well as flexible hoses hydraulic braking system and stop the hole brake wheels. 6.Otvernite nut 20 (Fig. 127) on the clamping bolt fastening pin ball joint to the rack, remove the bolt 21 and beat out shank hinge pin from the rack. 7.Razognite locking plate 23 and remove the mounting bolts 22 axis to the support cross member, remove the upper arms. 8.Otvernite three bolts attaching the stabilizer bracket to the frame longitudinal frame or remove the bottom connection of the stabilizer of 8 racks lever. 9.Vyvernite bolts rubber pads front support engine. 10.Otvernite nuts 19 on bolts 11 fastening the front cross member suspension to the frame longitudinal members. 11.Opustite suspension on the floor. New or renovated suspension mount on the car in reverse order. In addition, for ease of installation it is desirable to set the suspension tie (see Fig. 125) or a device for compression springs. The upper arms should be temporarily removed, because they prevent installation of the suspension on the frame side members. It should be borne in mind that when installing a new suspension on the car necessary to keep the shims 6 (see ris.126) and brackets 4 and 5 in the places specified in the regulation of the enterprise- manufacturer. With their loss will require further adjustment camber angle and the angle of inclination of the longitudinal axis of rotation of the wheel. During assembly, follow these conditions. A. Bolt 11 (see Fig. 127) suspension mounting, podsobranny Hockey 12, cup 13, a rubber bushing 14 and the metal spacer sleeve 16, set in the spar and tighten the nut 19, the time torque 6.4 kg-m. Two. Place the upper arm on the suspension and tighten boltxsaxis with little effort. Remark. The final tightening of bolts 22 and locking axis kpepleniya plate 23 are made by car after adjustment on the stand camber and angle of inclination of the longitudinal axis of rotation of the wheel (see below). Three. Place the cylindrical shank ball joint in the finger hole rack, insert the coupling bolt 21 and tighten the nut 20, torque of 6.4 kgf m 4. Tighten the nuts 24 on the axis of the upper arm in the down position suspension arms. Allowed to delay the nuts 24 on the axis of the upper arm in the presence of ties in the suspension (see Fig. 126) provides the average position of leverage. Five. Connect the rack 8 (see Fig. 127) of the stabilizer arm on the the lower arm. 9 is wrapped around a nut threaded rod until the combining otverstiya with slots in the rack nuts, and then install the cotter pin 10. 6. The compound average tie rod with a bipod, and swing arm and flexible brake hoses perform as described in the appropriate sections. Install the lower control arm brace is shown in Fig. 128. Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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