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Removal, disassembly and reassembly of the upper arm

To remove the upper arm with a car is recommended after installation in the front suspension tie (see Fig. 125) for locking spring suspension, as described earlier in this section. Before removing the upper arm front suspension required loosen 2-3 turns tightening the screws 8 (see Fig. 126) located on the axis of the upper arm. This is necessary to ensure free turning the lever on an axis and an exception separation of rubber silent block of steel rexinforcement in the subsequent disassembly. The sequence of operations like that. A. Disconnect the ball joint pin 12 (see Fig. 123) from the rack 13 and take the lever in the up position for free access to the bolts fastening the axis. Two. Straighten the lock plate 3 (see Fig. 126) and turn two bolts attaching the axis of the upper arm. Three. Remove the upper arm with the suspension. Please ensure that the 6 shims and brackets 4 and 5, located between the axis and block 7 and clamped bolt 10, were installed on original location. 4. Remove the bolts 4 (ris.135) mount ball joint 5 and remove it from the lever. Before installing, check the performance of the upper arm silent blocks without opening them. To do this, hold the axle in a vise lever so that the lever can rotate on an axis at an angle approximately 60 ° in both directions (on the axis of the nut must be loosened). Then tighten the nut 11 (the time zatyazhkch 6.5 kgf-m) only one end of the axis, and then press the lever to force the hands of any direction by about 45-60 ° and sharply lower. If the lever is returned to its original position by the elasticity rubber silent block, the lever can be considered suitable for operation, if it remains in the depressed position - requires replacement of the new silent block. In a similar way to determine suitability of a silent block at the other end of the shaft (nut tightened on the axes above, should be weakened.) Extrusion worn a silent block of the upper arm make on the press. To do this, beneath the lever with worn-out parts of a bearing sleeve (Fig. 136) and by pressing the opposite side of the axle 4 and the thrust washer 3, the push silent-block 2 lever. Parts 5-8 are shown in the the figure, are designed for a silent block. No special adaptation silent block can not be installed in the upper arm. The outer diameter of the armature of a silent block in the free state approximately 3.5 mm larger than the bore in the lever. Before installing exterior fixtures, consisting of three segments, must be squeezed in a special clamp (Fig. 137). For this Remove the bolts 8 (see Fig. 136) and dilute with half clamp to a position that allows to freely insert a silent block. Then screw and tighten the bolts until they touch halves of the clamp. Next, without moving the clamp, perepressuyte silent block bushing in the upper arm, moving 7 pusher all the way into the butt clamp 6. The pressing need to make sure that the ends of B (see Fig. 135) outdoor fixtures, and a silent block bushes in the upper arm were identical. In a similar way to the upper lever is set second silent block. In this press fitting spacer is used sleeve 5 (see Fig. 136), consisting of two identical halves. Before the second pressing of a silent block of the lever must be set the axis 4 and two thrust washers 3. The installation of the upper arm in the reverse order. Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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