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Types and methods of adjustment

A. Adjustment is made by adjusting the angle of the collapse gaskets to be installed between the axis of the upper arm and support cross pendants (Fig. 142). Two. Adjusting the angle of inclination of the longitudinal axis of rotation of the wheels is installing additional braces under one of the bolts mounting axis of the upper arm (ris.143). Three. Adjusting the toe by changing the length of one or both of the steering linkage rod (Fig. 144). 4. Adjusting the angle of rotation of the wheel is the greatest Bolt set to spar bracket. Due to the fact that the deflection angles of the suspension springs change, adjustment is made with a fully loaded car. The newly assembled front suspension has a hinged significant internal friction. As a result body (if constant load of the vehicle) may have some bias right or left in the transverse plane, resulting in the measuring the angles of the collapse of the front wheels can be obtained erroneous results. In this connection, we recommend checking the corners to make the collapse of the not only under load, the above, but also the horizontal location of the body, when the gaps are in (see Fig. 128) between the same points of the lower arm and the front cross member suspension on the left and right alike. To ensure the horizontal body position in the transverse plane is recommended to use the spacer (Fig. 145), installed in the front suspension on both sides. For provide a horizontal body position in the longitudinal the plane of the measurement of the angle of inclination of the longitudinal axis of rotation recommended to apply a special brace height 120 mm, is centered between the bottom of the car body and sump rear axle (Fig. 146). The load and its location in the body should provide an easy clamping of braces. Allowed to increase weight on the front and the rear seats. Before the adjustment, do the following: A. Check and, if necessary, adjust the clearance in the bearings front wheel and bring the tire pressure to normal (1.7 kgf / cm). Two. Put the car on a stand or on a horizontal area and load it (see above]. Three. Set the front wheels in the position of rectilinear motion. 4. Several times rocking the front of the car (before measurements) to eliminate the effect of friction in the joints suspension. Due to the fact that when the longitudinal axis of the rotation angle of the clone with additional brackets and changing the angle of camber, adjustments made in the following order: a longitudinal inclination of the axis of rotation, camber, toe angle and the maximum rotation of the wheels. Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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