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Adjusting the angle of inclination of the longitudinal axis of rotation of the wheel

Adjusting the angle of longitudinal inclination of the axis of rotation of the wheel should be made to eliminate the slip, the car is diverted in the direction of the wheel, which has a smaller positive angle of the longitudinal slope. Angle adjustment is desirable to produce at the wheel, side which takes the car from a rectilinear motion. Once installed on the vehicle repaired again collected suspension, check the angles of the longitudinal inclination of the axis of rotation of the wheels and, given by the non-technical description of in Fig. values to adjust. Adjustment of the angle of the longitudinal the slope of a car is recommended on the stands for the adjusting the angles of the front suspension. The method for determining the angles depends on the design of the stand, so the methods of work should performed according to the instructions supplied with the stand. The general condition for measuring angles is to turn the wheels from middle position on both sides by 20 *. Under these provisions the wheels are determined by the angles, and then the difference is the absolute value of the angle-axis rotation. In addition, the angle of the longitudinal tilt can be checked and adjusted before installing suspension on car. Designed for measuring the specific area A (see Fig. 128) machined parallel to the axis of rotation wheel. For work need to put on the plate surface C adjacent to the longitudinal members frame in the horizontal plane, and then determine the position areas A of the vertical plane. The platform of A must located along the car (4.65 0.45) mm closer to the bottom. When checking on the car, the same upper floor should be removed from the vertical plane at 2.3 mm (see Fig. 147). Change the position of the axis of rotation, and hence the areas A is due to install the suspension on the supporting platform spar frame tilted by 3 °. When adjusting, do the following. A. Straighten the lock plate 3 (see Fig. 126) on the heads two bolts attaching the axis of the upper arm. Two. Loosen the mounting bolt 10 shims top lever. Three. Remove the two screws so that you can insert additional bracket (Fig. 148) between block 7 (see Fig. 126) and shims 6. Adjustment can be done without removing the wheels. In order to better access to the bolts to turn the wheel to the full. WARNING! It should be remembered that the installation of additional clamps thickness of 1.5 mm at the front bolt decreases the angle of the longitudinal inclination, and under the rear - increased by about 0 ° ± 40 '. At the same time camber angle decreases to 0 ° ± 10 '. Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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