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Adjusting the toe

Adjustment of camber angle is recommended for special stands. The procedure for determining and setting angles of convergence provided instructions for working at the booth. WARNING! Before the adjustment must be absolutely sure secured in place by turning the levers and suspension uprights finger joints of tie rods, and in the absence of gaps in the joints and the steering gear rack suspension, the bearings front wheel hubs, engaged roller and worm steering. Before adjusting toe fry pylevogo management set in the middle position along the longitudinal axis of the visual car. Verified by the coincidence of labels put on a bipod and end of the shaft (see Sec. "steering"). By changing the length of the left tie rod set left wheel in the direction of rectilinear motion and simultaneously adjusted convergence of the wheel. The situation at the setting should fry maintained unchanged. In a similar way establishes the convergence the right wheel. Set Up After convergence spokes steering wheel Management Board must be down and should have a symmetrical position relative to the vertical plane. If you remove the bias spoke steering wheel, and install the splined shaft at the specified position. Adjustment of convergence spend in that order. A. Loosen the two locknuts 7 (Fig. 149) on the left-right steering rods. Nut, which is located closer to the axis of the car has left-hand thread. Two. Insert the rod into the hole threaded rod 6 by turning it change the length of the tie rod in accordance with the testimony of the stand. Three. Lock two nuts, holding the tip of the Crank, both ends of the tie rod heads should be perpendicular axes ball fingers. After fixing the wheel lock nuts on the toe must be equal 0 ° ± 10 '+5' that sootvetvetstvuet convergence of (1.0 0.5) mm on one wheel when measured at a height of 340 mm. Reglirovku toe can be produced by sliding telescopic bar (Fig. 150). In this case, fry and installed along the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. Pre- verified by the coincidence of labels on the bipod and the end of the ee of the shaft. Change in the length the left tie rod set left wheel in the direction rectilinear movement of the cord, stretched from the left rear tire wheel to the front tire at the center (decorative cap the front wheel must be removed). The cord must simultaneously touch the front tire to the ground, indicated by the arrows A (see Fig. 149), and the rear wheel tires. Total (both wheels) front wheel toe-regulated change in the length of the right tie rod. To perform the adjustment vanishing line is established between the wheels in their the front half at an altitude of about 180 mm, which is defined long chains, fastened to the line. Zero risk on the scale of the telescopic bar is combined with an arrow. Then the car gently rolled forward until such time as line moves to the back half of the wheel on height of 180 named (before separation of the chains). By moving the arrows define the the value of toe in mm. With proper adjustment of the difference the size of B and A must be equal to 1-3 mm. In the adjusted suspension at both ends of the heads of steering rods must be perpendicular to the axis of ball fingers. The steering wheel spokes must be placed symmetrically down. The difference between the lengths of the left and right steering gear should noxtexceed 5 mm. Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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