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Disassembly and repair GROMMETS

Used for the disassembly and repair dampers tools Appliances and equipment: bench work bench with vise, a special key for nuts otvertyvaniya tank, mounting a tip-rim, cup with a spout, beaker, a wooden rod d10 mm, stand for adjust the shock absorber. Before dismantling the shock of its external surfaces thoroughly clean from dirt and wash, paying special attention to the cleanliness of the tank nuts. When disassembling and assembling the damper is necessary to provide exceptional cleanliness of the workplace, tools and accessories. Disassembly of the shock absorber make in that order. A. Install the shock absorber in a vise (Fig. 156), a pull rod eyelet piston up and unscrew the special key (ris.157), the nut 28 (See Fig. 154) tank. Two. Lift up the piston rod holder 20 cups and gently pull the rubber sleeve 18. Three. Remove the rod and piston assembly 38, leaving the working cylinder reservoir 7. 4. Remove from the clutches of the reservoir, together with the working cylinder 35, and pour liquid in a vessel holding a cylinder. Five. Remove the cylinder valve assembly with compression of the reservoir and vylressuyte the valve housing 2 of the working cylinder compression light hammer blows sharpening of the ring. 6. Fasten the grip of the piston rod assembly for mounting to an end and the Allen key unscrew the nut of the valve 40 returns (thread right). 7. Remove the plunger 38 with all the details of the valve guide 16, a spring holder 20 and nut 28 seals the reservoir from the sleeve 22. Eight. Carefully remove the clips from a felt liner 30 and then push a wooden rod with the upper side of the rubber sleeve holder 31. 9. Loosen the Allen key nut 48 compression valve, remove all parts of the valve and the compression valve. The assembly of the shock absorber in the reverse order, given the following instructions. A. Before assembling the damper carefully and thoroughly wash all parts thereof (including inside the tank) gasoline and inspect them. The main defects determining the need for detail, are: nicks, scratches and wear marks on the polished surface and the piston rod; cracks or deformation of the valve disc impact and compression; leaking fluid damper on the stem or from the tank (which requires replacement rubber cuff); scratches on the piston (needle files can be cleaned) Wear of piston rings. Two. When assembling the valve returns the upper throttle disk 10 in the front shock should be four grooves, and in the back - with six slots. Three. Before installing the rubber seals 22 and holder of the annular groove promazhte suspension fluid. 4. A felt cuff 30 wash and soak in the hot gasoline engine oil. Five. To avoid damaging the rubber seals when the rod holder equipped Use a special assembly tip (Fig. 158). 6. Rubber ring, if on the surface of the cylindrical plot, which indicates the wear sleeve, remove from the guide 16 (See Fig.) Using a wire hook. 7. To ensure normal operation and prevent malfunctions or breakdowns shock refill it only a special liquid (Appendix 2) in a strictly limited number of (135 ± 5) cm3 for shock absorbers front and (225 ± 5) cm3 for shock rear suspension. Eight. When charging the damper to the working cylinder 35 installed in a Compression valve assembly put in the tank 7 (the end of the cylinder Risk should be turned up) and fill the cylinder with liquid up to the top; Fill the remainder of the liquid in the tank. Insert the slave cylinder rod, assembled with a set of cuffs and a ring, close the cylinder guide 16 stem and gently pridvinuv cuff 18 tank close to the track, dip into the reservoir holder with the rod and tighten the sleeve nut 28 tank at the maximum upper pololozhenii piston in the cylinder. 9. After refueling, the shock absorber to remove air from the working cylinder, moving up and down the piston rod. In this shock must remain in an upright position. 10. To check the tightness leave the damper for 10-12 h in a horizontal position. On the surface of the rod after the pumping Traces of a liquid film. 11. It is recommended to try and adjust the Damper on a special stand, as described previously. Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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