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Disassembly, assembly and adjustment of the steering mechanism

Used in this instrument and accessories: Arbor d25, 5 mm; dynamometer (spring), an indicator with a rack, a device for squeezing the edge of the shaft sleeve bipod, scan diameter 23.463 mm; manual press. Disassembly of the steering mechanism in the produce of such a sequence. A. Remove the top part of the steering shaft with the splined hub. Two. Remove the screws fastening the cover 26 and housing 28, carefully (To avoid damage to the carton lining) lifting the lid, Remove the lid with the pitman arm shaft 31 of the steering mechanism. Three. Remove the pitman arm shaft of the threaded sleeve 24 covers. 4. 1-2 Remove the lock nut 1 turn the adjusting nut bearings of the worm, turn the adjusting nut from the crankcase 2 and Remove the shaft 49 and worm assembly. Five. Remove the outer casing of the upper bearing holder 3 worm 8 of shaft collars and bipod, and the steering shaft. 6. Vypressuyte a mandrel d25, 5 mm from the crankcase 30 of the shaft sleeve bipod. 7. If you find wear roller shaft 5 bipod drilled one end of the axis roller drill d9 mm to a depth of 4-5 mm and a mandrel d7-8 mm, resting in the bottom of the hole vysverlenyogo, shake or vypressuyte axis of the roller 7. Then, using a round rod as a lever, remove the clip groove of the shaft of the bipod. Eight. If necessary, replace the upper steering shaft bearing 56 Loosen the two screws attaching the switch 66 indicators and remove the switch, then unplug the 53 pin, remove the three 54 screws fastening the bearing and remove the bearing. The assembly of the steering mechanism in reverse order, guided by the following instructions. A. When replacing shaft sleeves Wrapped pitman arms, after pressing expand them to d23, 463 +0.025 mm. Two. Tightening the bearing to adjust the worm assembly and installation of the shaft pitman arms, complete with a roller in the housing, for which: tighten the adjusting nut to failure and hit 2-3 times with a hammer on Carter; nut to release the free rotation of the steering shaft without the "axial play" in the bearings; Tighten the lock nut, and struck again 2-3 times with a hammer on the crankcase, Make sure that the adjustment is not broken, otherwise adjustment, repeat again. The moment of turning the worm bearings 5.3 kgf-m. Three. Assemble the shaft fry with a lid of gear, for which screw the shaft into the threaded sleeve bipod cover up failure. 4. Install the shaft with a lid assembly to the crankcase to prevent damage to the edge of the cuff bipod sharp-edged slots, push the edge cuff using the tool (Fig. 161). Five. Install the pitman arms on the splines of the shaft so that the risk, the available at its end coincided with the (Punch) at the end of the threaded shank of the shaft. After fixing the underling set (Roula rotation of the shaft) to the position at which it will nepravlena forward (during the car) and inside and itxsaxis passing through the centers of the two heads, will coincide with the axis the steering column. From this position (average, corresponding to rectilinear motion of the car) it must be able rotated in either direction through an angle of not less than 45 °. 6. Anti-backlash worm engages with the roller should be within rotation of the worm on the corner of 50 * 1) right and left, starting from the middle of the bipod. This is ensured by adjusting the backlash in the meshed with a pair of worm sleeve 24 (see Fig. 156). Found the position of the threaded bushing fix, tighten the lock nut. Avoid overly tight bearing tightening the worm, as well as excessive tightening of engagement with the worm roller. This leads to accelerated wear of the worm and the destruction of, or working surfaces. In addition, "tight" steering mechanism prevents automatic stabilization of the front wheels and thus degrades stability of the vehicle, resulting in a poor, "holding" of the road. With proper assembly and adjustment of steering moment required to rotate the steering shaft must noxtexceed 10 kgssm (0.5 kg load on the rim of the steering wheel). Москвич-412
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