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Removing and installing cylinder head. The engine on the mounting stand

To remove the cylinder head, perform the following operations: 1. Remove the seven screws fastening the cover-stud head cylinders, remove kryshkui disconnect the high- voltage from the distributor to the spark plugs. 2. Turn the crankshaft clockwise to the position in which the piston of the first position in TDC tsilindranahoditsya the compression stroke (both valves closed), and the label 2 on the pulley crankshaft is aligned with the edge of the pin sktanovochnogo asterisks on the bottom cover drive mechanism timing (Fig. 8) Moskvich-412 The first label (when reckoned in the direction of rotation crankshaft) is used when installing the moment ignition, and the second label corresponds to the TDC. 3. Remove the eight bolts holding the top cover stars and remove the cover (see "Removing and installing the top cover stars Drive Timing "). 4. Remove the four screws fixing the driven sprocket drive Timing and remove the asterisk from the shaft, not severing it from chain (Fig. 9 and 10). In order to avoid jumping the chain with teeth its stars, together with a chain link wire. Moskvich-412 Moskvich-412 When disconnected the chain drive but not yet removed from the block cylinder head, crankshaft, or can not carry through camshafts in any direction, even at very slight angle. Failure to do so can cause damage to the valve head by their xcontact with the bottom of the piston. 5. Remove the 10 nuts to remove the cylinder head it. When removing the head rotate the crankshaft is unacceptable, as by the friction of the rings mirror cylinder liners can rise, and a hard face nazhny shells hit scum or corrosion products block walls shirts cylinders, the remaining water in the jacket after the block drain the coolant. This would violate the seal sleeve on the edges. To avoid this, after removing the head liner to secure the block Planck-holders mounted on the studs (11). Moskvich-412 6. Remove the rubber sealing anchoring the cylinder head. After checking and replacing worn and damaged parts usianovka and fastening the cylinder head to block in the reverse order. 1. Carefully inspect the head gasket cylinders and rubber-cork under the head cover. Damaged or badly crimped gasket replaced. 2. Cylinder head gasket prior to installation on block brush on both sides of a special graphite lubricant for protection from stick to planes of the head and cylinder block. Moskvich-412 Moskvich-412 3. For uniform compression across the surface lining and warning of dangerous strains stud fastening nut block Tighten the cylinder head in the sequence shown in Figure 12. 4. The final tightening nuts bolts fastening the head cylinders produce a torque wrench, torque 9.0-10.0 kg * m However, before you install the cylinder head must be pre-set relative angular position crankshaft and camshafts. To do this, making sure that the preserved pre- installation of the first cylinder piston at TDC at the end of the compression stroke, rotate the camshaft until As long as the risk on the flange of a camshaft (Fig. 13) is established against the mid-tide the front pillar of a camshaft. POS of the cylinder head can be installed on the cylinder block and mounted on it.
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