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Removing and installing brake drum

The sequence of operations like that. A. Raise the appropriate side of the car jack and Remove the wheel. Two. Clean the drum of dirt and make sure it rotates freely. When the drum rotates, or difficulty with wear of its surface after a significant run of the car with the formation of bead, preventing the removal of the drum through the pads, you should increase the gap between the pads and the drum by shifting pistons with devices to automatically maintain the gap to the axis of the brake mechanism. For this purpose, a large hole in the drum and her nose a hole, insert a metal rod 11.8 mm. Then, any knob (for example, mounting a shovel) drum based on the wheel studs turn toward the wheel cylinder (Fig. 186 a) inserted through the rod and the slide shoe device to the middle of the brake mechanism. At the rear brake pads rear right hole employs a toe shoe adjustment cam drive parking braking system. As a consequence, instead of the rod to the shift of the pads applied the Allen wrench is mounted on the adjusting nut eccentric (see Fig. 186, b) Three. Remove the two screws holding the drum to the flange axis and, after Light tapping with a hammer flange of the drum, remove drum hands with a central boss flange and bolts attaching the wheel, shaking his in the plane perpendicular to the axis. With difficulty removing the drum screw in the hands of two special threaded hole flange screws previously inverted drum or other Longer bolts (with the same thread M8x1, 25). Alternately uniformly vvertyvaya two screws (bolts), remove the brake drum and remove the screws (bolts) of its flange. Notice. If there is severe corrosion at the junction of the drum flange before removing the drum axis soak it with kerosene and soak for a while. To avoid damage to the brake drum and the deformation of the shield (at difficulty removing the drum) is not allowed to strike with a hammer the rim of the drum or enter a screwdriver between the shield and the rim of the drum and use it as a lever. Inspect the internal working surface (mirror) shot drum and check the ellipse. The difference of diameters - the maximum and minimum - should noxtexceed 0.2 mm. In the presence of deep scratches or elevated ellipsoidal cylinder bore with the basing of central hole and clamp to adapt the internal surface of the disc drum. In order to maintain the necessary rigidity of the drums is not recommended bore of more than 0.8 mm per side. The surface roughness mirror drum - the height of the irregularities profile should be less than 1.6 microns. Before installing the brake drum of its mating surface, core holes, bosses, and mating surface of the flange half thoroughly clean from dirt, rust and dents and a little grease Grease and moisture resistant high-melting grease. The brake drum must be worn tightly to lock the flange half only the force of hands. In this case the connection should not be detected gap. Москвич-412
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