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Disassembly and assembly of wheel brake cylinders

Required to perform these operations, special tools and appliances: extractor thrust ring and the wheel cylinder mandrel for mounting on the cylinder. The sequence of operations like that. A. Raise the appropriate side of the car jack, put jack under the jack box, remove the jack and remove the wheel and the brake drum. Two. Remove both spring clamp blocks with special tongs (See Fig. 187), and pushing the pads of their output ends of the slots supporting rods pistons. Three. Disconnect the piping from the hydraulic brake mechanism and the drain the fluid. 4. Remove the two bolts attaching the cylinder to the panel. Remove the wheel cylinder of the brake mechanism. Five. Remove the protective rubber boot to the wheel cylinder and a screwdriver inserted into the groove of the support rod piston, the piston rotate by 90 ° and remove it from the cylinder. 6. Thoroughly rinse the inner cavity of the wheel cylinder fresh brake fluid or alcohol, 7. Remove the snap ring of the cylinder automatic device with a special puller (Fig. 188). Eight. Remove the piston seal rubber cuff. 9. Turn the cylinder valve is venting. Details of the disassembled brake cylinder wash, inspect and install their suitability for further work. Wheel cylinders, the working surface of which is found deep Longitudinal risks or other defects that lead to leakage of brake fluid, replace. Rasshlifovyvanie their working surfaces are not permitted in connection with that this leads to loss of tightness in a cylinder circlip automatic device for maintaining the gap between the pad and drum and the violation of their performance. Wheel assembly brake cylinders in reverse order, taking into account the following. I. Before assembly, all parts thoroughly with alcohol or in the fresh brake fluid. Two. Sleeves, pistons, rings and the inner surface of the cylinder before assembly grease with castor oil or fresh brake fluid. Three. Put the plunger sleeve to make it his side with a large diameter, was addressed by the end of the piston with the groove. 4. Squeeze the ring in the special pliers and insert the mandrel for setting ring in the cylinder (Fig. 189). Five. Enter the ring with the mandrel into the cavity of the cylinder with the expectation that section of the ring plane parallel to the attachment of the cylinder and was in its upper part. Then, bringing the mandrel to lock her in the shoulder butt cylinder, press the handle and push the mandrel out of her ring. Remove the mandrel from the cylinder. 6. Insert the piston into the cylinder all the way to the ring, neatly tucking edge of the cuff, and rotate it 90 °. Slot reference piston pin should be parallel with the mating plane of the cylinder. 7. Wear rubber protective cover and screw the valve venting. In the absence of special tools for assembly of wheel cylinders after the operation specified in § 4, inserted to lock the pistons and the rings are pressed on a hand press or light hammer blows a drift through the wood until it stops the piston from one to another with the same their distance to the ends of the cylinders. Slot reference piston rod at the same time should be parallel mating surface of the cylinder. To avoid this in the longitudinal scratches on the mirror cylinder ring before pressing inspect and polish on all Nick cylindrical surface at the edges and carefully clean the ring and cylinder from the smallest grains. After installing and securing the cylinders in inhibitory mechanism of the wheel assembly pads with springs and installation place of the brake drum, remove the air from the system and make free rotation of the drum when pedal is released. Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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