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Replacing brake pads linings

The necessary special tools and devices for replacement of linings: a device for clamping plates to the block, the drying chamber. Friction pads are fixed on two ways: bonding and priklepyvaniem. The sequence of operations for bonding a new lining. A. Clean the pad from dirt and remove the remnants of the adhesive before pads on the grinding wheel or a file. Two. Make a rough inner surface of the new pads, (Remove the glossy layer) with a file or grinding wheel. Three. Thoroughly degrease the outer surface of the pad. 4. Apply to the inner surface of the lining and the outer the surface of a thin layer of adhesive pads Sun-1OT (a solution of synthetic resins in organic solvents) and draxinfor 30 minutes at 15 ° C. Five. Press the parts together pressure 5.8 kgf / cm in a special adaptation (Fig. 190) and soak in a compressed form in the drying chamber at a temperature of (190 ± 10) ° C for 40 min, however, does not Considering the time of heating to this temperature. 6. Cool details in compressed form to a temperature no higher than 50 ° C, then remove the finished block with glued strip. 7. Proshlifuyte a special adaptation of the outer surface lining, will provide the dimensions shown in Fig. 191. With new gaskets priklepyvanii do the following. A. Clean the pad from dirt and remove the remnants of the old glued plates with a file or grinding wheel. Two. Drill holes in the new lining for the rivets and tsekuyte them with the convex side of the piece (Fig. 192). It should be use the block as a conductor, since it contains holes for rivets. Material rivets - brass L62. Three. Rivet a new gasket. Riveting start with the two middle rivets, and then put the rivets in the direction of both pairs all gaskets. Before the rivet inspect the inner surface of the friction cover and remove from it all the irregularities and burrs formed when drilling holes and which may interfere with tight fit lining to the shoe. To ensure a tight priklepyvaniya lining to block recommended to use a special clamp (Fig. 193). Priklepyvanie lining to the brake shoe is expedient to make on a special machine. If you need to use hand-riveting special mandrel (Fig. 194). 4. Firmly lining to the shoe. Close fitting caps to block the entire surface check the probe thickness 0.18 mm, which should not be included under the overlay on the length of 20 mm. Five. Podshlifuyte a special adaptation of the external surfaces linings, ensuring receipt of sizes, as shown in Fig. 191. After grinding rivet heads should be recessed pad to a depth of not less than 2.5 mm when measured from the outer the lining. Dimensions brass rivets and holes for her e friction lining Brake pads are shown in Fig. 192. Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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