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Inspection, repair and replacement of defective parts starter

Details of the starter after the removal, thoroughly clean, rinse with gasoline or kerosene and then wipe with a clean cloth. In order to avoid leaching of the lubricant from the porous bronzografitovyh bearing caps and starter drive of these items be washed in the bathtub with gasoline or kerosene are not recommended. Worn or damaged parts repair or replace with new ones. Then do the following. A. Inspect the starter housing, remove the dirt and copper-graphite dust the inner surface. Two. Check the condition of insulation coil excitation, and the lack of in these breaks and closures (verification method above). To remove and replace defective coil excitation unsolder the end of the winding excitation from O, loosen with a screwdriver through the press four-pole screws and remove the pole, after pointing at the poles and housing space their location. Remove krtushku excitation of the hull. Installation of new excitation coil in the reverse order with the following instructions: pole screws before installing the Lower life-varnish; install poles with coils, and strictly according to label rasklinte Inland diameter, tighten the pole screws (set in the starter housing adaptation) zachekante screws and slots. Three. Check condition of brushes, and ease of movement in the brush holder. Brushes worn for up to a height of 6-7 mm, replace. 4. Inspect and check the armature winding and the working surface collector. Contaminated collector sanded smooth out fine granularity, then blow compressed air starter. With a large surface roughness, protrusion of the collector and mica between the collector plates pierced by a special machine or lathe. After the grooves have to clean the surface of the collector sanded fine granularity. Between the plates of mica cut starter collector should not be, since copper brush the dust from the dirt will be engraved in the grooves, that can disrupt the normal operation of the starter. The beating of the collector relative to the shaft pin must noxtexceed 0.05 mm. Check the spring tension of brushes dynamometer. If an effort is beyond the limits (1000-1400 kg), adjust it. Adjustment is made twisting and untwisting of the rack mounting end of the spring with pliers. Increased pressure leads to premature wear of brushes, and low - hang the brushes and the loss of power starter. Five. Check the condition of the starter relay xcontacts traction. In the case of a significant podgara xcontacts, clear their fine abrasive cloth. With a significant deterioration in the place of xcontact with the xcontact disc xcontacts rotate through 180 °. 6. Inspect the drive. If there are nicks on the entry-tion of the tooth pinion, it should podshlifovat thin grinding wheel of small diameter. 7. Check and adjust the flight gear drive. How to adjust gap, see Sec. "Check and adjust drive starter."
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