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Removal and installation of liners with pistons and connecting rods in the collection

Cylinder liners with pistons and rods to remove the collection in such poledovatelnosti. 1. Loosen the nuts bolts and remove the connecting rod connecting rod the liner. 2. Pull the block out of the bore sleeve with pistons and rods, remove the entire set of the cylinder. Note. When replacing defective or worn-out sleeves new or reconditioned cylinder liners, the position in the last block is arbitrary. In the other cases before than pull the liner from the block, you must mark their serial number (account lead to chain drive distribution), and note their position in the block to the assembly to ensure their installation in the former position. 3. Remove the shells from the pistons to the rods in the assembly. 4. Mark on the bottom of the piston rod and cap serial number cylinder (Fig. 18). WARNING! Removing piston with rings and connecting rod assembly from the cartridge and install a liner to make mandatory on the part of centering of the lower belt of the cylinder liner, avoiding peretaskivaniyabolshoy connecting rod bolts with through the cylinder liner, since the connecting rod bolt tips over its head may damage the cylinder mirror (Formation of longitudinal scratches). Installation of cylinder liners with pistons and connecting rods in the collection make in that order. 1. Thoroughly clean of foreign particles ends of bores for cylinder liners in the block. 2. Insert the cartridge with seals in the unit and check the protrusion end of the sleeve over the upper surface of the block (Fig. 19). The magnitude of protrusion shall be within 0.01-0.08 mm. Verification is performed, pre-pressed sleeve to a block with a force of 7.5 kgf. If necessary, the select the required thickness of gasket. Moskvich-412 Moskvich-412 3. After verifying the size specified liners pull out for the block loading the connecting rod and piston. 4. Before installing a sleeve in the piston with rings and connecting rod assembly, brush with oil to the engine piston rings, skirt piston and piston pin. 5. Install the piston rings into the grooves of the piston so that their Castles are from each other by 120 * (Fig. 20). Moskvich-412 6. Before you insert the piston rings in the pocket cylinders, rings smazhte special crimping, and make sure that they are not moved and did not violate the mutual arrangement of locks. 7. Turn the crankshaft so that crank neck established in the bottom dead center (BDC). 8. Check if the installed liners in a rod and in his cap, brush them with oil, applied to the motor. Insert the cylinder liner in the bore of the block. Push the plunger into the interior pocket and pick up the crank bearing on the neck of the crankshaft. When installing the cartridge in the unit, note that arrow embossed on the bottom of the piston rod protrusions on the body and on the lid facing toward the chain-drive timing (Fig. 21). Moskvich-412 9. Nuts rod bolts tighten evenly. The final tightening of the screws produce dinamomeiricheskim key, Torque 5.5-6.5 kgf * m 10. Check it easy to turn over the crankshaft in the bearings, pre-fixing the sleeve of the longitudinal displacement Planck-holders.
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