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Checking devices to produce control samples, the characteristics of which must strictly conform to the specifications. Each receiver checks the xindex, complete with appropriate control sensor. By contrast, the sensor is checked, complete with a control receiver pointer. Fast assembly speedometer checked for special device, comparing the Speedo scanned the node with the corresponding node of the control device. Accuracy of high-speed speedometer unit must meet technical requirements specified above. Ammeter tested by comparing its readings with the readings of the control ammeter. Dixagram of the device for checking the ammeter shown in in Fig. 240. A pointer to the level of fuel in the tank is checked on a special control device. The device is a vertically mounted board. In the right corner of the shield with the arm fixed sensor. The shield makes layout of the provisions of the float of the 0, 1/4, 1/2 and P levels in the fuel tank. In each of these provisions is held a special float sensor clip. The layout of the board operates according to the dixagram shown in Fig. 241. After joining the xindex of fuel to the battery voltage of 12 V change the position of the float, fixing it in position 0, 1/4, 1/2 and 1, and watch the testimony of the device. The accuracy of the testimony must meet technical requirements specified above. A pointer to the oil pressure checked on a special device. By the screwed in the adaptation of the sensor is supplied oil under pressure created by the pump and controlled precision pressure gauge which is connected parallel to the sensor. After joining the checked pointer to the battery voltage 12 to the sensor is supplied oil under pressure, so that the arrow pointer established the mark of the scale 2 kgf / cm. By comparing the readings with the readings of the pointer control manometer, determine the error of the audited unit. Likewise, check and other points the scale of the oil pressure indicator. Coolant temperature is checked, complete with a sensor on the special device (Fig. 242), in which the sensor is heated in a liquid and monitor the temperature of the latter thermometer. The thermometer should be Located in the adaptation as close as possible to the sensor. The head of the thermometer must be at the location of the sensor cylinder. As the liquid is recommended to use oil, used for lubrication engine. After joining the coolant temperature indicator for battery battery voltage of 12 V liquid is heated to a temperature of 115-120C. The liquid is then slowly cooled and record the true temperature of the fluid on the testimony of thermometer. Incorrect readings of pulse devices are almost always caused by a violation control sensors, so when finding fault must first be replace the sensor is pre-tested and serviceable. If the replacement sensor is correct readings are not restored, replace the receiver pointer. WARNING! To avoid possible short circuits and combustion devices during the repair work, you must first disconnect the wiring for then remove the "mass" wire to the battery cable. Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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