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Repair parts and components MOTOR. Checking and replacing the piston rings

Length of service engine piston rings depends largely on the quality of used fuel and lubricants materials and general operating conditions. An indication of the need to check or replace the piston rings a high flow (waste) oil engine: more than 200 g per 100 kilometers. It must be remembered that delayed replacement of piston rings leads to an increased wall cylinder liners wear. This is increase in oil consumption, increases in the carbonization the walls of the combustion chambers to spark plugs, resulting in engine power is reduced and increased operational fuel consumption. To check the engine piston rings must be partially disassembled and pistons with rings removed. Check state and burnishing of piston rings, there are no premature wear of cylinder liners and engine are not blocked or whether carbon resinous deposits in the slot scraper ring. Before checking the piston rings, thoroughly clean the soot from their and tar deposits. If the external inspection of piston rings on the outer cylindrical surface will be detected with a cylinder neprirabotavshiesya sites such ring, replace with new ones. Check the piston rings for compliance with technical requirements produce the parameters specified in Table 3. If the test is found that the rings on the parameters are below the allowable limits, then these rings should be replaced new ones. Clearance in the lock ring is expedient measure, placing a ring in that the pocket in which it worked. At the same ring You must have a sleeve at a distance of 20-30 mm from the bottom the end. The length of the ring to properly install pushed into the sleeve by means of the piston head used As the mandrel. Elasticity is measured on the piston rings special scales with a flexible tape covering the ring. When checking the condition and the wear of piston rings may be necessary to replace only one of the upper compression rings, as the rest of the ring worn out the engine is considerably smaller. WARNING! Do not install the pistons with new upper chrome rings. These rings, which have hard outer surface to be very slow burnished to a surface of the cylinder liner. It is for this because of repair kits rings are available in nominal sizes nehromirovannymi upper rings. It is recommended in all cases, disassembly of the engine after 60 000 km mileage replaced the piston rings. This is the one hand, eliminates the need for disassembly povtornooy the engine in case of wear of piston rings for further exploitation car, on the other side will be for the prevention of improve the overall engine life. Proper positioning of piston rings in the grooves of the piston shown in Fig. 29. Moskvich-412 If the cylinder liners have minor wear and no need repair, instead of the old rings can be used maintenance of the nominal size of the ring. Repair of the nominal ring size is acceptable to use, if the gap in the castle rings are inserted the cylinder does noxtexceed 0.75 mm. Otherwise, we must replace the worn liners with new ones.
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