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Check cardinality (traction) as the engine

МОСКВИЧ-412 As depreciation or even minor details of the engine gradually decreasing its effective power increases blow-by through the piston rings and falls komppressiya in the cylinders. The technical condition of the engine test engine, efficiency, flow rate (intoxication) oil, the amount of compression in the cylinders of the engine and the noise in his work. Check cardinality (traction) as the engine Reduction of the effective engine power is accompanied by deterioration of the dynamic properties of a car that is decrease maximum speed and acceleration dynamics. In connection with this definition of the maximum vehicle speed and time of passage of their 1 km from the place is a necessary indicator for assessing the technical condition of the engine. Before the tests are given in good order of the chassis vehicle (toe and slay, the pressure air in the tires, adjust brakes, etc.) MOSKVICh-412 Roadworthiness test is determined by way of its free rolling (coasting). The test car spend a load of two people, including driver, on a horizontal straight section of road with a solid and smooth surfaces (asphalt, concrete) in dry weather and when absence of a strong wind. All measurements were carried out at the races car in two opposite directions, closed glass doors closed and the ventilation hatch in the front end the body. MOSKVICh-412 Free rolling path (ramp-down) the car is set to steady speed of 50 km \ hour to a full stop at two races in opposite directions. For driving in the fast mode, run-off clutch and immediately put the gear lever in neutral position. Coasting technically serviceable vehicle must not less than 420 m. The maximum speed the car is in top gear dimensional section of a 1 km long. Acceleration should be sufficient at the time of departure to the established dimensional plot (Maximum) speed. The passage of car-dimensional area is determined by a stopwatch, turning on and off by made at the time of passage of the vehicle kilometer posts beginning and end of dimensional plot. For maximum vehicle speed of the arithmetic mean velocity values ??obtained pridvuh races in one opposite directions. Before each check the oil temperature in the crankcase should not be below 80 * C and above 95 * C, and the temperature of the cooling fluid in the cooling system does noxtexceed 80 * C. As a Fuel may be gasoline used, the recommended guidelines for of operation. Vehicle speed, km \ h, is determined by the formula: Vmax = 3600 * S / T, where T - time passing kilometer dimensional plot with; S - 1 km section of highway. The passage of 1 km from the place of the serial shift transmission is determined under the same as in the previous case, the conditions test (motor thermal state, the load in the car, etc.) by passing car-dimensional plot length of 1 km. Car (with the appropriate skills of the driver for this test) dispersed enerogichnym touch on the throttle pedal. Transmission switch quickly when reaching speeds: on the first transfer- 30-40 km \ hour in second gear - 60-70 km \ h on third gear-90-100 km \ hour. If the test maximum speed will be at least 140 km \ h (* for motor 412) and 115 km \ h (for the engine 42DE) and the passage of a mile from the site is no more 40 (engine 412) and 48 s (for motor 412DE), this means that engine power is quite sufficient, and it is suitable for further exploitation. Reducing the maximum speed for 10-15% of normal and increased travel time 1 km from the place of 20-25% with good technical the mechanisms for undercarriage vehicle chassis indicates a lack of engine power and the need for more detailed inspection of the engine and identify the causes of the decrease in power.
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