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Repair parts and components MOTOR. change of pistons

For replacement of worn pistons in parts embedded sets of pistons with piston pobral them fingers and, with stop and piston rings in an amount required per engine. To ensure proper clearance between the cylinder liner and piston skirt (0.05-0.07 mm) pistons normal size after finishing sorted by company manufacturer of piston skirt diameter D into 5 groups, which referred to the diameter varies by 0.01 mm. Code letter groups applied to the surface of the piston. In Fig. 30 described the measurement of piston skirt. Moskvich-412 Along with the selection of the pistons to the cylinder liners in diameter they also picked up by weight. The latter is necessary for maintain balanced engine. The difference in mass of the heavy and the lightest pistons this kit (the engine) should noxtexceed 3 g. Pistons normal size sorted by the manufacturer to mass into 4 groups markings are (1,2,3,4) is applied to the piston with using a metal stamp. Matched to the cylinders the size of the pistons have to be labeled (marked) serial number of cylinder liners, to which they are selected. After selection of the pistons to the sleeve over, pick up Piston pin to piston and sleeve of the upper head rods. In the piston wrist pin bosses installed with interference or gaps up to 0.0025 mm. The clearance between the piston pin and hole bushing connecting rod must be within 0.0045-0.0095 mm. To facilitate the selection of piston pins, pistons and sleeves the upper connecting rod heads (after final machining processing) are sorted into four size groups, in which the diameters differ by 0.0025 mm. The dimensions of the parts (diameter), as well as color notation (marks) of various screening groups are shown in Table. 2. In the manufacture of parts marking paint applied in piston to the bottom surface of one of the bosses, the lower finger - On the inner surface at one end to a rod - at the top of the head. Piston pin belonging to a particular group, Pick prisborke to the piston rod and sleeve, belonging to one size group. In the normal gap between the connecting rod bushing paltsemi finger oiled engine, should enter smoothly in the bush under the force of right thumb (See Fig. 23). Since this requirement to the assembly with your finger rod must be allowed selection of new pins and connecting rods manned by two adjacent size groups. In all cases, try to trim piston rod with your fingers to Room temperature 20 C. * 3 Matched to the piston connecting rod and piston pin smazhte oil for engine and insert the piston bosses and connecting rod with the upper head a mandrel and a hammer. Pre-heat the piston a water bath to a temperature of 45-75 * C. It is unacceptable to collect a piston with a piston with your finger, if their combined obtained increased against the normal tightness. This is, in some cases dxistort the size of the piston skirt and leads rise to knock the piston in the cylinder walls during engine operation, until it receives a normal warm-up. When assembling pistons with rods to ensure that that embossed on the bottom of the piston arrow was pointing in the direction of The mounting tabs on the body of the connecting rod and nna cover. It should be borne in mind that the axis of the piston pin is offset about the axis of the piston at 1.50-1.60 mm. After assembling the engine, the cylinders were installed and new pistons, and engine installation on the vehicle follow the rules of running.
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