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REPAIR valve gear. Grinding of valve seat working chamfer

Grinding of valve seat chamfer is necessary to make required when replacing valve guides, as well as with large wear facets and beating about the holes in the guide bushings. Saddles intake and exhaust valves have a large motor hardness (not less than 55 Rockwell C scale), and therefore chamfering seat proizvoditetolko grinding. At grinding expose the dimensions shown in Fig. 35. Moskvich-412 To apply a special grinding machine with an electric drive (Fig. 36). Moskvich-412 The machine shall be equipped with a set of abrasive wheels with cones 90, 120 and 60 *, a special set of bars, inserted into the holes and adapted guides dressing of abrasive wheels and inspect the chamfer beats. Before you start grinding the bevel, it is necessary to hole in the bush to find a set of mandrel included in the guide bush is dense. Submission of abrasive tools made by hand, and grinding is carried out as long as the grinding stone is not will remove the metal seat evenly over the entire circumference bevel. Check the beats of the bevel axis of the aperture ratio is on a special fixture (Fig. 37). Moskvich-412 The device is worn on the same mandrel, which produced grinding chamfers. The device consists of the clutch 3, the rotating mandrel in a 5, the holder 4, the indicator 6 firmly fixed on the mandrel. Clutch 3 is on top of a conical surface on which slip rod indicator stalk, and the lower conical surface of the sleeve is inserted into the opening two special Tip 1. When turning the hand clutch three point one moves over the surface of the working bevel seat, and in the presence beats yzyvaet axial movement of the coupling, which transferred to the scale of the indicator. The values allowed for the beat facets seaxtexhaust and intake valves shall noxtexceed 0.05 mm. To measure the beats of facets saddles intake and exhaust valves requires coupling with a different arrangement of terminals, as diameters of the valve heads and facets are different. Convinced of the chamfer concentricity, provertn width and location position on the bevel surface of the ground the valve head and seat. This check Delight as follows: - Put on the valve seat a thin layer of paint; - Insert into the corresponding guide sleeve valve. Then crank the valve, pressing it to the saddle. It is believed that the valve sits well in the saddle, if the resulting at the head of the valve is located in the middle belt of paint bevel and the width of the belt is in the range 1.6-2.2 mm for Intake and exhaust valve. If these requirements are not met, it is necessary further polish the valve seat. At the same grinding tool should have an angle of 60 * in the top or in 120 * bottom, depending on where you want to move the operating the valve seat chamfer.
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