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Carburetor Repair K-126N.
Disassembly and reassembly of the carburetor

The sequence of operations is as follows: -Unscrew the strainer cap and remove the filter; -Remove the thrust levers to the axis connecting the air and throttle valves; - Loosen the screws holding the upper and middle parts carburetor, remove the top portion and a sealing gasket; - Remove the axle and remove the float the float; - Remove the needle valve. Remove the needle body valve; - Remove the fuel jets idling; - Remove the caps that cover the air-jet channels idling, and remove the jets; - Remove the main air jet dosing systems; - Remove the plug wells and remove the emulsion tube emulsion tube; - Remove the cork, provide access to the main fuel jet, and remove the jets; - Loosen the screw and toplivoprovodyaschy screw shell accelerator pump nozzles and additional systems; - Remove the casing rraspyliteley and gasket. - Carefully turning the carb body, remove from the channel of the accelerator pump discharge valve; - Unscrew the four screws holding the bottom of the carburetor to the average. Separate the bottom of the carburetor, while nna pressing the accelerator pump drive bracket, and remove earring that connects the throttle lever axis valve with accelerator pump drive shaft; - Remove the actuator pump with uskoritelnog plate to the piston, remove the recoil spring rod. - Remove the accelerator pump from the well safety ring of the intake valve and turning the body float the camera, remove the inlet valve. - Remove the economizer valve; - Remove the mixing chamber of the carburetor adjustment screws and compensation system load stroke; - Bend the edge of the locking washer on the axis of the throttle and loosen the nut krepleniyavilki throttle actuator valves; - Remove the plug from the axis and the intermediate lever. Remove the two screws holding the cover of the drive rocker throttle zaslonkivtorichnoy camera and remove the cover. In the case of an emergency (such as replacing throttle return springs) throttle actuator remove the valve in this order: A. Loosen the nut of the accelerator lever pump on the axis of the throttle lever and remove the washer; Two. Remove the two screws holding the throttle on the axis, Remove the valve and remove from the body axis with the mixing chamber spring. The axis of the throttle remove the secondary chamber the same way. The installation of throttle with axes in reverse sequence. After installing the mounting throttle bodies on their axes raskernite screws. All disassembled parts thoroughly with carburetor in gasoline. In the presence of heavy tar deposits on the details may be washing them with acetone or solvent nitrokrasok. It is totally unacceptable to use to clean the nozzles wire, at least soft. With this method of cleaning necessarily a violation of the calibration jet. The consequence will be worsening of the traction of a car and improving operational fuel consumption. Washed carburetor parts and channels must be followed purged with compressed air. When disassembling the carburetor completely fuse float shut-off mechanism and a needle, even glapana from the weakest shocks and do not remove the rubber washer the needle valve. Reassemble the carburetor in the reverse order: - Inspect the seals that are installed between the upper and middle and between middle and lower parts of the carburetor. Damaged gaskets, replace with new ones; Check the tightness of the economizer valve is not .... Does it guide the saddle. Check how easy is it to move cylinder, the piston acceleration pump. He has to move in the cylinder without jamming; Check for full throttle the gap between the adjusting nut (valve stem .... economizer and the piston rod of the accelerator pump) and plank of the drive. At the accelerator pump piston rod this gap should be 1 mm, ... valve actuator, 15 mm; When installing large diffusers, fuel and air nozzles as the main metering systems, and ... Idle, in both cells carb ... governance of the Technical Data the carburetor; When wrapping caps that cover the carburetor channels, Pay attention to the availability and quality of their ... pads. Damaged gaskets replace. Check the tightness of the needle valve feed fuel; Re setting the float chamber cover, check the float for leaks. If you need ... Float Take precautions to avoid an explosion of vapors gasoline. After soldering, the mass of the float must be within (13.3 + -0.7) g; The correct position ..... float through the appropriate Roles bending reed 2 (Fig. 52) lever. At the same time, bending limiter 3, set the course of the check valve 4 in the range 1.2-1.5 mm (the gap between the tongue and the end sterzhnyaklapana); - Check the correct position relative to the float needle valve. To do this, the float chamber cover 5 rotate 180 * and measure the distance from the top float plane to the surface of the lid when removed cardboard gasket. This distance should be (42 + -0.4) mm. If necessary, correct the position of the float can be restored by the respective Roles bending reed 2 Float arm; - If you adjust the level of fuel in the float chamber is not click on the float needle valve to prevent damage elastic washer; - Rinse, if necessary, the valve assembly with a washer, using only clean unleaded gasoline or kerosene. After installing the carburetor on the engine it is advisable to double-check the fuel level in the chamber pooplavkovoy. To do this, use the viewing window located in front of the camera pooplavkovoy. Filling the fuel carburetor float chamber with Lever bypass the fuel pump, check extensive line of fuel level. The fuel level should be at a height (20 ± 0.5) mm from the top edge of the float chamber body. If necessary, remove the top of the carburetor Roles bending and the corresponding latch lever Adjust the float the required level of fuel. Moskvich-412
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