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REPLACEMENT support feet

Support Heel 7 compression spring 5 is held in assembled position by a spring-conical ring 12 and the central hub 11, which after installing a retaining slots in the heel compression spring is inserted fully into the shoulder the internal diameter of the heel and zakernena in six places by pressing the central hub 11 in the radial direction in the groove on the inner surface of the heel. Conical spring ring 12 due to its elasticity selects the axial clearance after Build heel to push the spring, and compensates defined within the wear of the surfaces of these parts in during operation. When a significant wear, which is not compensated by the elasticity of the conical spring ring or when the last vacation due to a significant heating working surface of the heel due to violations of operating rules the car is loosening the heel. When starting off and the car on track when working clutch appears characteristic rattle and knock at the site. To replace worn heels, remove the center bearing bushing fixing the heel, as shown in Fig. 58, the deformed flange a central hub with a hammer and chisel 2. To prevent damage during removal of the supporting sleeve feet and other parts of clutch recommended place the heel of the supporting mandrel locking repair tool, just as shown in Fig. 59, the base which must be securely held in a vise. If there is a lathe cut the thrust flange of the central bush cutter. To install the new bearing heel offers prepare and implement a set of maintenance tools (Fig. 61). After removal of the worn surface of the heel look levers compression spring in xcontact with the fifth. If, after stripping worn surfaces of the ends of the levers compression spring dimensions noxtexceed indicated in Fig. 60, the spring can be used to build a new base heel. Check also the height of the conical spring ring 12 (see Fig. 57), which in a free state should be in the range 2.5-2.8 mm. At at a height appropriate to replace the new ring. Dimensions and data for material and heat treatment of parts that make in the scope of the above tools are shown in Fig. 62. Before replacing the supporting heel, make sure that all parts used the repair tool and collected details of the traction rather clean. The installation of the supporting heel make in the following sequence: 1.Zazhmite in the grip of the base repair tool with locking mandrel (see Fig. 59). 2.Pomestite supporting workers' heel flat butt down in the fixing mandrel repair tool. Brush with a thin layer of grease LSZ-15 countertops tip levers compression spring, and set mechanism of adhesion to the supporting heel so that the working surface pressure plate facing up. This should ensure that the compression spring levers located between the protrusions on the surface of the radiused heel. 3.Set conical spring ring 2 (Fig. 63) concave side to push the spring, and cover it with a central flange a sleeve, inserting the latter into the hole compression spring. 4.Vvernite a guide (Fig. 64) for the base zakernivaniya adaptation to failure, pressing the central hub to lock in end flange of the supporting heel. 5.C using a core (Fig. 65) zakernite central hub 2 groove on the inner surface of the heel support six uniformly located around the circumference of the field. When zakernivanii Cairn keep as closely as possible at an angle of 30 ° to the horizontal, as shown in Fig. 65. The flat part of the core of this should build on the site guide. Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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