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Special tools and devices for removal and disassembly Drive clutch: xtextolite hammer, a special screwdriver for fitting the tank, kruglogubtsy parallel vices or a special device. The sequence of operations like that. 1.Disconnect from the working cylinder 30 (see in Fig. 56) a coupling connecting pipe, removing from the case cylinder coupling nut. Clicking on the way to the clutch pedal, pour into a clean vessel hydraulic fluid from the system hydraulic drive. Stop the threaded plug hole in the cylinder. In the absence of cork may be used for this purpose clear tissue. 2.Rasshplintuyte finger 16, which connects the pedal to the main pusher cylinder, and then remove the washer 17 and pin 16. 3.Otvernite fastening bolt 9 the top of the pedal bracket adhesion to the front end cross member board and two nuts fastening the bottom five of the bracket, remove the pins from six spring washers and bracket 10 with a clutch pedal assembly. 4.Rasshplintuyte axis 20 and the light blows of a hammer with xtextolite installation of cotter pin knock-axis of the holes in the cheeks bracket. Then remove the clutch pedal 15 of the opening bracket 10 and remove the hub pedal return spring 21 5.Vynte hub of the clutch pedal two plastic sleeves 19 and remove from the site of the pedal rubber pad 22. 6.Otsoedinite from the clutch master cylinder connecting tube 1, removing from the body of the cylinder coupling nut and remove the Chief cylinder and the tube. 7.Svernite cover 2 (Fig. 67) feed tank, remove the pacifier Three. If the tank is the remains of the working fluid, pour it out. Slightly hold the master cylinder in a vise or parallel special apparatus and a special screwdriver (Fig. 68) Remove the connector 19 (See Fig. 67) master cylinder, then remove the case of a tank fitting and gasket. 8.Snimite with the grooves on the housing of the master cylinder and the protective cover 7 slxigeit along the push rod 8. 9.Vynte from the cylinder by means kruglogubtsev (Fig. 69), retaining ring 11 (see Fig. 67), persistent washer 12 and then 8 pusher assembly with the thrust washer. Further, the pusher output from the slot and remove the hard discs with pusher rubber protective cap. If necessary, disassemble the plunger 8, turn to him the tip and the locknut. 10.Vynte out of the housing 17 of the master cylinder piston 14 in the assembly with cuff 13, the piston valve 15, an inner sealing cuff 16, a return spring 18 the piston assembly with bearing cup. 11.Ostorozhno remove the piston outer sealing sleeve 13, Fitting the master cylinder 19, the closing one of its ends, wrench for disassembly is not necessary, since followed by wrapping it up to provide the necessary leak requires considerable effort and a special means for holding the cylinder. It should also be no need to unscrew six bolts attaching master cylinder flange of his! 12.Pri help kruglogubtsev snatch lift spring 36 (see Fig. 56) clutch fork and the lock ring 31 of the working cylinder 30 and then remove the cylinder from the hole in the crankcase tide by putting him forward. Then remove the pusher 27 of clutch slave cylinder. If necessary, disassemble the plunger, turn to him the tip and locknut. 13.Snimite with the grooves on the housing of the working cylinder protective cap 5 (Fig. 70) and a conical nozzle valve 7 release of air protective rubber cap of 8.1 14.Vynte of the cylinder lock ring 6, and then the piston 4, sealing cuff 3, spacer mold 2, the spring 9, the last Remove the casing from the cylinder valve 7 release air. To avoid damaging the sealing cups pistons Chief and working to remove the cylinder pistons of the cylinders is recommended compressed air. Air (eg, pump inflating tires) is fed into the hole, designed to adaptation of the pipeline. After disassembly of the working cylinder and head all the details, and casing cylinder thoroughly with alcohol or with fresh brake fluid, inspect and set which ones are worn out or damaged and require replacement. Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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