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REPLACEMENT linings clutch disc

Disassemble the clutch disc and replace it with the details, except Friction pads are not recommended. If wear or damage details of the slave drive (Excluding wear of working surfaces of friction linings) loss of elasticity of the spring plate, clutch disc warping (if it can not be correct), replace it. In parts a special kit 412-1601954-20 - two friction linings with rivets, which can be used to replace defective linings. In the absence of specific sets of possible, using as a slave drive guard, drill a new friction 20 holes lining d4, 1 mm, and ten of them (through one) drilled on the passage to the d8 mm, and then drilled drill d8, 5 mm with an angle of 140 ° the remaining ten holes stand the dimensions specified in section B-B (Fig. 71). To replace worn out or very greasy linings Perform the following steps. 1.Ostorozhno without hitting a plate spring drive drill drill d3, 4 mm brass rivets holding the friction lining to the spring plates of the slave drive, and Remove the pads. 2.Vnimatelno inspect the spring plate Slave disk and check for cracks on them, shallow scratches on the the outer contour and some holes. If there is no defect, can be made to the disk priklepku new linings. 3.Nalozhite friction pad on the Spring platter so that the holes in the spring plates facing the convex side to the attachment, coincided with the countersunk holes friction lining. Overlay positioned so that countersunk holes facing outwards a large diameter. Brass tubular rivets 4.Vstavte 2 (Fig. 72) so that their heads were located on the outside of the friction plates 1 and gently saw off them with a special mandrel or riveting machine of the spring plates. 5.Sposobom referred to in parxagraph 4, second rivet friction pad. At the same countersink holes lining one should coincide with the openings nezenkovannymi another. 6.Posle priklepki both linings check position of rivet heads, and they should be recessed with respect to the working surface of not less than 1.0 mm (size a). In the absence of brass rivets plant production (normals) They can be manufactured on site (see Fig. 72). 7.Proverte thickness clutch disc assembly with plates in compression under load 430 kg, equipartitions on the surface of the pad. Measured on the working surfaces, friction linings, it must be within 7,1-7,6 mm. The deviation from parallelism of the working surfaces overlap with the specified load shall noxtexceed 0.18 mm. End-face run-out 8.Proverte working surfaces friction linings relative to the driven spline hole clutch and landing slots at the drive shaft transmission. To test socket beats a slave drive to put the splined mandrel (or the input shaft gear.) By rotating the mandrel in the centers, fix the indicators, the legs are directly or through intermediate levers come in xcontact with working surfaces of friction linings slave drive on the extreme points. General indications for each of the indicators should be within 0.60 mm. If the runouxtexceeds 0.60 mm, corresponding to part of the slave drive straighten the arm with the fork, then recheck heartbeat. Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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