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The sequence of operations like that. 1.Vnimatelno inspect the working surface of the flywheel, make sure in the absence of scratches and nicks and check her heartbeat, which must be within the ... mm. If the runouxtexceeds the specification, it is must be eliminated. Otherwise, you may receive the operation of heavy wear and tear of splines in the hub of the slave drive, as well as twitching and shaking during node. Also note the absence of jamming in the front bearing the primary shaft of the gearbox and its adequate lubrication. Inspect the clutch disc friction surface, drawing attention to their cleanliness and the absence of traces of oil. 2.Polozhite clutch disc assembly on the pressure plate clutch mechanism in the assembly so that the damper plate faces the pressure plate. 3.Stsentriruyte clutch plate relative to the engine crankshaft, why put a hole in the hub disc special splined mandrel, which then must simultaneously enter into the inner clip front bearing shaft gearbox compacted into the end of the crankshaft shaft. In the absence of a special mandrel can be for this one use the input shaft gear. 4.Nadente clutch cover three locating pins 12 (see Fig. 54) pressed in flywheel. 5.Nadente six bolts attaching the housing 10 clutch to the flywheel spring washers and tighten the screws into the threaded holes on a turnover. 6.Zakrepite grip on the flywheel, tighten all bolts to the refusal by turning them one by one turn for each time and selecting the bolts diagonal. 7.Vynte splined mandrel (or the input shaft gear) from hub clutch disc. 8.Ustanovite four pins 4 and 16, wrapped up in the back side cylinder, clutch, pre-assembled with a cuff shaft gearboxes, fork off adhesion with the bracket assembly, vent and visor cover plug. Before pressing the socket surface of the clutch housing seals lubricate the shaft with engine oil. 9.Stsentriruyte clutch on the two locating pins 17, pressed into the cylinder block and tighten the four nuts mounting housing, placing them under the spring washer, and then install the clutch slave cylinder to the crankcase (sequence installation of the cylinder below in Sec. "Building and adjustment of the drive clutch ".) - 10.Pokroyte thin layer of grease LSZ-15 or graphite lubricant Centering the toe and shaft splines and gear Set gearbox on the engine. In no case Avoid installing the gearbox to the engine, the weight perceived by follower gear drive, as this the latter may be seriously damaged. It must be ensured so that when you install the gear box was on the appropriate height and the input shaft would be on the same axis with hub of the slave drive. If the input shaft splines do not fall corresponding slots in the hub spline opening the slave drive, recommended, is slowly turning the output shaft gear included in the direct transmission, file transmission is slightly forward until its slotted shaft is not part of enter the nave, and the box will take its proper position. Keep up the gearbox until machined surface of the clutch and gearbox do not match. 11.Proverte build quality and the mechanism for coupling car. Verification is performed initially at idle engine with the push of the clutch pedal all the way. Then check the it when starting the car up and running, switching transmission on the appropriate frequency of rotation of the crankshaft engine. When properly adjusted during the free end of the fork clutch (4.5-5.5 mm) and clutch free delay pedals in intermediate positions in the mechanism of adhesion and drive it off should not be bugged, or knocking noises. When you release the clutch pedal smoothly, the car must get a move on as smoothly as when switching from the lowest to the top gear - move without twitching and jerking.
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