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Gearbox assembly

The assembly of the gearbox in reverse order, taking into account the following instructions. 1.Before the beginning of the external surfaces of bushing assembly a secondary shaft, bearings and seals cover with a thin layer transmission oil. 2.All paper gaskets, replace with new ones. Threaded part bolts installed in the through-hole, cover with aluminum paint, which at the time of installation of bolts should dry for 30-40 minutes. 3.Podgotovlennye to install in the old gearbox bearings roller wash for unleaded petrol and lubricate the gear oil. New bearings should be installed in the plant conservation. Planting bearings on the shaft or in housing nests produce under pressure with by bars. At the same time frame can be only abut mounted bearing ring. Use a hammer to napressovki bearings is not recommended. 4.Pri selecting gears locking rings to note the fact that the ring 2 {Fig. 86) is dense, without swinging, going down to the cone gears 1. The gap between the ends of a blocking ring and pinion gear ring for the new parts should be be equal to 1,15-1,73 mm. In the absence of the above-mentioned gap, due to significant wear of parts of the cones, synchronized gear shift is impossible. Collect a box with the same locking rings and gears You can, if details of the cones do not have deep scratches, as specified higher clearance of not less than 0.5 mm. In addition, you should pay attention to the fact that the quality of synchronizing during gear also depends on the width of area at the top line of the thread on a cone locking ring. The new locking ring width b site at the top of the thread must be equal to 0.08-0.15 mm. The ring does not work when increasing the width of this area up to 0.3 mm. According to this parameter can be easily worn rings discarded. 5.Pri synchronizer assembly of parts, pay attention to the fact bent to the ends of the springs were inserted into the synchronizer the inner cavity of one of the crackers, and two turns of the springs directed in opposite directions. Clutch third and fourth gear is selected on the factory in the kits of parts of one hump group, marked with paint of one color, blue or yellow. If you are replacing one of the complete details of the new necessary that it was marked with paint of the same color as the and replaceable. In addition, the following condition must be easy movement joints or gear reverse gear along the nave. In the selection of appropriate to check out a few provisions of parts (at corner) and choose the best. Interlocking rings, especially the transfer of the fourth ring, it is convenient inserted into the hub, brushing their thick grease, having grooves synchronizer against crackers. 6.Napressovku average output shaft bearing on the produce the press (Fig. 87). Secondary shaft collar to the end of uprite bottom of the tube, and the effort to stem the press apply through the upper tube to the inner ring of the bearing. For pressing cuffs (Fig. 88) in the neck extension is convenient to use mandrel. Shaft assembly with bearing and pinion drive Speedo enter into a power strip and insert the snap ring bearing. 7. When installing the hub gears on the output shaft, the combination the size of the shaft and bushing, which is necessary for mounting bushings use of the press. Installation of the hub 3 (see Figure 89) gear reverse gear to produce the output shaft on the press. In this extension place in a glass 12 and the pressing force presses the rod attach to the hub via a pipe. Perceived effort compression should lower end of the shaft. Napressovku hub 2 (Fig. 90) include the coupling of the third and fourth gear on the the output shaft 9 is also in the press. This operation is similar to the previous one. Section 4. Transmission 8.Pered tightening the nut end one (see Fig. 79) secondary Shaft Pay attention to the fact that the locking tabs lock puck went through the 3-slots spring washer 4 and placed in the slots of the output shaft. Spring washer must be oriented so that its peripheral vyshtampovka lay on the end of the hub. Tighten the nut with a torque wrench 2 protarirovannym torque at 5.4 kgcm. Tightened in two stages: first moment about 10 kgcm, then, letting go nut, finally point above. The secondary shaft 5 place, while still docked in the slotted glass 7. In order to prevent loosening the lock washer 3 bend on the two faces of the nut. 9.Posle check setting nuts smooth rotation of the gears first, second and third gear on the secondary shaft. Axial clearance These gears must be in the range 0,16-0,26 mm. 10.Dlya needle assembly (15 pcs.) Of the front output shaft bearing lay needle bearing into the slot in the primary shaft grease grease. Between the needle and the locking ring is placed the split ring. Needles intermediate shaft gear unit (46 pcs.) collect on a hollow mandrel 1 (see Fig. 78). The needles of each bearing shall be one size group. If you lose at least one needle bearing, replace the whole set. 11. The assembly of the gearbox is convenient to carry, a special stand. The stand is 1 (Fig. 91), an iron fortified the table. Plate has two locating pins 2, which transmission housing fixed with holes. To pass the input shaft is provided in the plate recess 5. Nest 4 intended to be a speaker from the crankcase outer ring ball bearings Port 3 is used for the passage of bars in which is mounted axis of the gear unit of the intermediate shaft. In the absence of the stand you can assemble the gearbox, fixing it in a vise, with the grip on the cheeks must be worn soft lining. Vices should be minimal clamping force, sufficient to keep the gearbox. Transmission housing should attach to its right paw. As posted on the bench, set thickly greased casing grease front of a bronze thrust washer gear unit intermediate shaft, making sure that its bent mustache entered into the groove of the crankcase. In the housing unit is introduced gears, collected on hollow mandrel. Then, the selection of the rear thrust washers necessary thickness provide axial clearance in the range 0,07-0,03 mm. At setting back of the block of hard discs, make sure that it is the correct position - the convex side up to the hole under the extension. After this, move the gear train in the direction on the transmission housing and replace the input shaft. When you attach an extension cord, collected with the secondary shaft Hold a hand clutch and send the neck of the secondary shaft in the slot needle bearing shaft. At the same time fourth gear blocking ring to stick to the densely smeared with grease hub, making sure that the crackers synchronizer rings in the slots. 12. Intermediate shaft gear unit type in engagement with the gear output shaft and center in the crankcase in two short mandrels 2 (see Fig. 78). Then a long conical mandrel from the rear end of crankcase push both lower mandrel. Following the long axis of the mandrel unit and send vpressuyte it into the crankcase. 13. By setting the axis 6 (see Fig. 91) and 7 of the intermediate gear reverse gear and the gear unit, follow the layout their slots for the stopper. The stopper should be included into the slots on both axes, and attracted bolt while securing and extension. In order to properly orient the axis, you can use a special key (Fig. 92). 14. In the slot switching forks forward gears, insert spring 3 (Fig. 93) and two catches balls. Balls push in their nests wedge mandrel 1, inserted into the hole hub fork. Podsobrannye forks with clamps mortgage in the groove and the coupling gear reverse gear. In this and subsequent assembly transmission must be installed on a turntable stand (See Fig. 76) and is aimed at the side window of the cover up. In the absence of the stand assembly can be performed on the table. Through the holes in the front of the sump box, type the rod forks, directing his hole to the opposite side of the ball, located in the nests of forks. Once the rod pushes the forks of the wedge mandrel, its deploy, and catches balls in their holes are on the web. When tightening the screws holding the rod forks slightly flick a knockout in the butt of the rod. The screw must be zakernen two points. 15.Ispolzuya a drift and a hammer, making sure that the inclusion of All forward and neutral gears. In the neutral position of the grooves in the gears lining plugs should fit together, and when you scroll through the primary shaft output shaft should not rotate. If the this test it appears that a secondary shaft scrolls, get screwdriver between the ends of the locking ring and small ring gear pinion and slide the ring gears of the cone, to which it got used. 16.Ustanavlivayte side cover in the transmission housing with neutral forks include forward and at the neutral position switch cam transmission. In this position, the cam switch must be line projections of the castle. Directing roller fork reverse gear is engaged into the opening rush of the crankcase, Enter the lock tabs and slots in the cam switch plugs and Pull the side cover to the housing flange bolts. 17.Korobku transmission after assembly blow compressed air through the external opening of the shaft. In the absence of compressed air You can release the balancing hole in the primary shaft of the oil with a soft wire. 18.Sobrannuyu break in transmission it is recommended to check her work-load on a special stand with a drive from motor. After the break-in oil will go down transmission housing and thoroughly rinse it with kerosene. Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412 Москвич-412
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