TECHNOLOGY get blasted grains

Flow sheet of blown-up grains of corn, wheat and rice, sweet and savory includes the following processes: - Getting blown up grains from the above technology (Technology of popcorn); - Preparation of appropriate additives; - Processing of grains blown additives; - Drying of exploded grains fortified with additives; - Sorting, inspection of exploded grains with additives; - Packaging and packing. Sugar and salt additives are prepared as concentrated aqueous solutions, which are applied to the surface blasted grains in quantities prescribed recipes. To prepare the sugar solution sugar sifted, taking away impurities and caked lumps and miss through magnetic barriers. Purified sugar through the volumetric feeder is loaded into double-walled pot, which simultaneously serves water in an amount of 42% the mass of sugar. The sugar solution is brought to a boil and boil. In the prepared syrup, sugar concentration rises to 71-72%. The syrup is filtered and supplied for use on the surface blasted grains. Exploded grain treated with a sugar solution in drageeing apparatus of the continuous or intermittent operation as well as flakes. When applying the glaze blown grains coming from the bunker a measurer in the rotating drageeing apparatus, where a careful stirring, they are watered thin stream of concentrated sugar solution and dehumidified. Blown grains with additives dehumidified hot air fed into the machine to restore drageeing their crispy properties. Dried and chilled sweet corn blasted sort out from little things, inspect, passed through a magnetic barrier and referred for packaging and packing. Exploded grain is packed with additives on the same machines, thaxtexploded corn with no additives. Finished boxes on the machine packed into bundles. On foreign enterprises for the application of additives other than drageeing devices use special devices that work on the principle of sputtering. Application of additives on the surface of the blown-up grain by spraying is particularly important for the enrichment of their vitamins, minerals and other substances introduced into the product a small dose. exploded glazed rice Manufacturing technology: to the air of rice groats are added: - Preparation of additives (sugar, treacle syrup and powdered sugar); - Glazing blown up grains of rice; - Drying of cooling and blasted glazed rice. To obtain air of rice cooked sugar-glazed powder and sugar, treacle syrup. Sugar sieved on a vibrating sieve over the fence, metal sieve number 1, 4, separating the extraneous impurity, and then sent to the preparation of sugar-treacle syrup and powdered sugar. Powdered sugar prepared two grinding: large, which is a passage through a silk sieve number 25 and a fine - the passage through the silk sieve number 29. The sugar-treacle syrup prepared from equal weight amounts sugar and molasses in a double-walled digester at a pressure of steam in the steam shirt boiler 4-5kgs/sm2. In the boiler load sugar, pour the water and a lot of boiled until until its temperature does not rise up to 107 -110 ° C. Then add the molasses, pre-filtered through a silk sieve to separate random impurities, and the mass continues to boil down to a temperature of 110 ° C. Duration boiling 30-35 minutes. In the finished syrup is introduced essences and food coloring, coloring each individual brew in different color to give the product a pleasant appearance and a different color. The resulting syrup is filtered through a sieve with holes of diameter 1-1,5 mm. The sugar-treacle syrup should be transparent, have a density of 1.38 and contain reducing substances 14-16%. The introduction of additives into blasted xagrain of rice is carried out in drageeing apparatus batch. Blown-up grains of rice are loaded into drageeing copper, which at the same time pouring a thin stream hot (70-80 ° C) of sugar-treacle syrup. After a uniform distribution syrup over the surface of rice grains blown into the boiler gradually pour powdered sugar. Corn syrup and sprinkle with powdered sugar 5-6 times at a constant rotation of the boiler, with the first use of a large powdered sugar, which prevents the coalescence of grains of rice, but in the end process to align the grain adds a fine powder. Sugar shell several times the weight of rice grains. After pelleting the product is dried. In the process of pelleting and drying the surface of exploded rice grains are uniformly covered crust glaze. After drying glazed exploded rice sieved through sieve number 4, 5, separating the fines and the excess of powdered sugar. Before packing individual portions of the exploded glazed rice painted in different colors, mixed in a colorful mass for giving the finished product a pleasant appearance. Blasted glazed rice is packed in paper boxes for 75 and 150 g on automatic APB or cellophane packages of 25-50 g Automata DA-2RS. frosting air grain To prepare frosting air grain sugar and sugar-treacle syrup. Prepared and measured sugar was loaded into the brewing pot with flame-heated, served water in an amount of 42% by weight of sugar. Solution sugar bring to a boil. And then boiled until the content of 70-72% dry substances. Then add the molasses, 50% by mass of sugar, and weight continue to boil down. Duration boiling for 30-35 minutes. In the finished syrup is introduced flavors and dyes. The resulting syrup filtered through a sieve with holes of diameter 1-1,5 mm. Air drageeing grain is loaded into the drum, which simultaneously pour in a thin stream of hot (70-80 ° C) the sugar and syrup syrup. After a uniform distribution of the syrup over the surface air grains in the drum slowly pour the powdered sugar. After pelleting the feed product is dried in a drum with warm air to restore the properties of crispy. After drying candied air grain is sifted through a sieve, separating the fines and excess of powdered sugar.
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