The technology of marmalade

MARMALADE Marmalade - in the exact translation from French, means carefully cooked dish color of apples. First marmalades, which met in Asia Minor, the Europeans in the era of the Crusades French and marmalades in the heyday of confectionary art in the XVIII century. prepared from apple and quince. The Greeks called marmalade - pelte ", meaning" light shield "," shield ". They were evaporated thickening apple and quince juice in a small small metal saucers directly at the sun. Their "marmeladiny" brownish resembled lightweight thin plate shields, covered with traditionally tanned bovine skin. Thus, the birthplace of marmalade - Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean, where for centuries to preserve an abundant harvest fruit was taken boil down the juice or fruit entirely up to the maximum thickening. Each country had their own methods of boiling fruit and berries, and their pastries. Western Europe before the Crusades campaigns did not know the kinds of jam, because I was unfamiliar with sugar. Only since the XVI century. When in Europe influx of cheap U.S. sugar, start cooking the Western European fruit pastry products. Thus, in the English-speaking countries appeared jams, and Romance - marmalades. In France have developed a more subtle form of cooking "nepachkayuschegosya, Solid, konfetoobraznogo jam ", called" marmalade ". Jelly pastries called studneobraznoy structure cooked with sugar and gelling basis. In the production of marmalade use a semi, which contain a sufficient number of pectin or other studneobrazovatelya required quality. This slurry puree, jelly and supplies. Marmalade produce: 1. Fruit 2. Jelly 3. Jelly-fruit By way of spinning it happens: bedded; shaped; carved. Fruit jellies get boiling fruit and berry puree sugar and other additions. As studneobrazuyuschey basis using predominantly gelling applesauce. Fruit jelly is reservoir and molded. The main type of fruit and berry jam is the apple jelly, made from a puree of winter varieties of apples. As a flavoring apply other kinds of fruit and berry puree, and spices, aromatic and coloring agents. To prepare the marmalade reservoir used applesauce and sugar sand. To make the puree appropriate cranberry flavor is added, mountain ash or other berry puree. The three-layered jelly is a product of rectangular shape, consisting of three layers. The two outermost layer of jelly, painted in different colors, the middle layer pastilny (White). Technological scheme of production of fruit and berry fruit jellies include the following stages: preparation of raw materials; cooking the mixture of fruit and berry raw materials and sugar; boiling mixture of fruit and berry puree with sugar; cooking marmalade mass; molding marmalade mass; studneobrazovanie and cooling marmalade mass, packaging and labeling. Jelly jelly made from agar, boiled with sugar and molasses, with the addition of flavoring and aromatic substances. In addition to the agar as studneobrazuyuschego substance can be used pectin. Jelly marmalade subdivided into the molded and carved. Jelly marmalade is shaped in the form of shaped articles, sprinkled with surface of the granulated sugar, or having on the surface of finely crystalline crust without Side sugar, and jelly carved - in the form of orange and lemon slices or as a product of rectangular shape with smooth or corrugated surface, sprinkled with sugar. Flow sheet of tin jelly marmalade includes the following stages: preparation of raw materials; preparation of agar-sugar-treacle syrup and cooling it; cooking marmalade mass, molding and studneobrazovanie marmalade mass; of marmalades sample forms and Side sugar, drying and cooling marmalade, packaging and labeling. Orange and lemon slices. Products manufactured in the form of slices of orange or lemon crust as a natural fruit, with an imitation of their taste and color. Mass for the orange and lemon slices prepared in the same way as for tin jelly marmalade, acidified with citric acid and corresponding aromatized flavors. For the lemon slices mass painted in yellow, for orange - red. The main stages of the preparation process of carved fruit jellies are: preparation of raw materials; preparation of agar-sugar-treacle syrup; cooking jelly mass for baguettes and crisp; cooking marmalade mass for whipped layer crust, casting and studneobrazovanie jelly and whipped the masses for the crust, cut loaves drying cloves, packaging and labeling. Worked out well fortified and children's varieties of marmalade, which Reserved vitamins quality raw materials. Produced with the sea jellies cabbage, which contains iodine, contributing to prevention of MS and improve metabolism. TECHNOLOGICAL cooking mode MARMALADE Parameters: Fruit (Jelly) 1. Drawing blended mixture Equipment - mixer, sieve 2. Preparation of a mixture of fruit and berries with sugar - Equipment - mixer, Universal cooker Vacuum apparatus with a stirrer or Boiling pot with stirrer 35 rpm 3. Cooking Equipment - Cooking pot or vacuum apparatus (4-5 atm) The temperature of cooking? S. ............... 107-108 4. Trim Equipment - Molding Machine (Otlivochnaya machine) Time partitioning, min .................... 6-8 5. Jellification Attachments - Forms The temperature of the mass? S. ..................... 70-80 Duration, min .................... 30-40 (15 min at 70-80 ° C) 6. The sample form, drying Equipment - Drying Rack Drying time, hours .............................. 18-20 Drying temperature, "C. ....................... 55-65 7. Packing Accessories - Packaging
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