DRYING POTATOES AND VEGETABLES. RAW, Basic operations on its preparation for drying and Dry mode. For drying is suitable only benign materials satisfying requirements of existing standards. Steamed raw, languid, frostbitten, the destruction of xagricultural pests to drying is not suitable. Not all varieties of potatoes, vegetables and fruit are equally suitable for drying. Chemical and technological characteristics of the most suitable varieties potato drying, developed by the Research Institute for Trade and public catering Ministry of Trade USSR, in the following table: DRYING POTATOES AND VEGETABLES When drying other grades (less suitable or unsuitable for this goal) is a large amount of waste, there is less dry matter content in raw materials or lower quality of the finished products. For processing vegetables are calibrated by size: DRYING POTATOES AND VEGETABLES Potatoes should be calibrated in size according to requirements GOST 6014-51 from 5 cm and above. Potatoes and vegetables (except onions and cabbage), after calibration, washed in baths or washing machines. Cleaning potatoes and root crops are produced in centrifuges (kornechistkah) with subsequent manual dochistkoy. DRYING POTATOES AND VEGETABLES To potatoes and root crops during dochistki and after treatment did not darkened, and they are kept in the water (but no more than 2 hours). Blanching beets and carrots, and potatoes are produced in a boiling water in the whole raw form. When drying the potato circles or the bars of his blanch most often sliced. Water in the baths blanshirovochnyh change at least twice per shift. Blanched potatoes and vegetables are cooled in cold water and After draining the water plank on screen (in the center sieve layer should be slightly thinner than that but the edges). SUShKA POTATO AND POTATO AND OVOSCHEY Sieve with the raw material is loaded into the dryer on a regular basis during the entire shift rows the entire length of the dryer, starting from the furnace apparatus. In rotary dryers sieves with the raw material put in one number. Typically, the dryer must be loaded to full its capacity. Time after which should be loaded dryer fresh batch of raw materials, calculated as follows: t = a • a • 60 / b where: t - time in minutes, after which should download the new dryers portion of raw materials, a-drying time in hours, B - the number of screens in the dryer, with - the number of screens that are loaded at once. For example, cabinet driers has 168 screens, the drying potato 6 hours, once downloaded on 6 screens. Time through which should put the following screen with the raw materials (Since last boot) about 13 minutes, ie, the dryer must load every 13 minutes to 6 screens with potatoes. Temperature and duration of drying potatoes and vegetables in cabinet and rotary dryers (in degrees). SUShKA POTATO AND POTATO AND OVOSCHEY SUShKA POTATO AND POTATO AND OVOSCHEY The temperature was measured in the middle of the cabinet driers, between the second and the third series of sieves. Air temperature, exhaust from the dryer should be about 55 °, and the relative humidity of its defined psychrometers in exhaust tubes - about 35%. Temperature and relative humidity in dryers produce forcing the furnace at the gate stack devices and channels, which enters the outer air dryers. Each enterprise must Dryer have the instrumentation (thermometers and psychrometers) to measure temperature and relative humidity of the air exhaust out of the dryer. To measure the temperature of the convenient remote thermometers (Electrothermometry resistance, thermocouple, etc.). Speed ??of movement air ducts and pipes is measured by the anemometer. Upon delivery and acceptance of change of state kalorifernyh inspect pipes and safety nets and clean them from chips and foreign objects could cause a fire. Simultaneously examine the state of isolation lower wooden frame parts dryers. The results of the inspection record in the journal. It is desirable that the lower part of the wood drying devices were impregnated with a solution of sodium silicate. Cracks, if they are found, obscure refractory clay. With domestic fuel are firewood dryer Air Heater pipe cleaned at least 2 times per month, while domestic fuel are turf - at least 3 times. Stoves melt gradually. In the event of a dryer fire immediately take measures to extinguish the fire, close the dampers on the exhaust pipe and inlet channels, quenched sand dryers and furnaces allowed into effect fire extinguishers. In each drying shop should be at least 4 fire extinguishers.
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