DRYING GARLIC Garlic is used mainly as a seasoning for a variety of: food dishes, with the technical processing of vegetables, sausage production, etc. Garlic is used for drying of all sorts, but the best of They are such varieties, which give the finished product with a spicy taste. Garlic bulbs consist of individual small and large Zubkov (kids), which is located in the bulb to 70. At the edges, bulbs are usually large teeth, and in the center - small. Each clove is covered with a thin dry film (scales), and the whole bulb of garlic covered with more a thin film (wrapper). Distinguish between ordinary acaulescent garlic and garlic, formed during growth, along with onion floriferous stalk, which reaches a height of 1 m. At inflorescence stalk formed small bulbs "bulb" in the amount of 80 pcs. Onion, garlic has also stebleobrazuyuschego fewer cloves (from 2 to 12). In order to reduce the loss of garlic during storage in areas of mass cultivation of this crop should be widespread use of air drying of garlic and sun combined. Solar air-drying should be used in southern areas where the product is dried until ready, and combined - in the middle lane of the Union. In the latter case, the garlic is dried in air for 2 - 3 days, and then finally dried in a fire or steam dryers. When air-drying solar dried minced garlic until ready within 2-3 days. Garlic is intended for drying should be ripe, dry, clean, healthy, well dried up in one piece upper scales, without mechanical damage and signs of decay. Drying of garlic are the following technological scheme: Remove stems, onion knives by hand; -Division of the bulbs Babes (teeth); -Minced garlic at the cutters or knives by hand; -Department of wrappers and scales by otveivaniya; -Flooring garlic in mesh or plywood sheets; Solar-air-dried garlic or fiery - in a drying apparatus; Cooling-dried products i.otdelenie nedosushennyh particles of garlic; Department-Scale of garlic by otveivaniya; -Adjustment of moisture; Sorting-dried products; -Purification of the product from Metal impurities; -Packing. When chopping garlic by hand is cut into slices not thicker more than 4-6 mm from the cervix. In this case, remove the stems and dividing bulbs teeth do not produce. On screen plank materials at the rate of 3-4 kg at 1 mA useful area. To reduce the loss of garlic drying is recommended to keep cotton nets with fine mesh, plywood sheets (with solar air-drying) or metal sieve with a litter of gauze, burlap, etc. In areas of the Ukrainian and Moldavian SSR-air solar dried garlic is better to under awnings within 2-3 days after which the product is finally dried in a drying apparatus for temperature of 50-55 °. As during the air-solar and fire-cured garlic should be periodically agitated. Properly dried garlic after a solar-air dry white with a faint yellowish tinge, and drying in the cabinet of a device-white with a yellowish tinge. The dried product contains 7,5-8% moisture. In preparing the raw material for drying waste accounts for 17-18%. Norma costs of raw materials per ton of dried product is about 4 m. Dried garlic is packed in clean boxes tightly whipped with lid, lined in plastic wrap or parchment paper. To obtain Chesnokova powder is ground dried products in a hammer mill and then sifted on sieves and packaged in waterproof bags. Before grinding garlic pre-dried to such an extent that it is easily was ground into powder. Dried garlic should be stored in dry, cool place, away from other foods.
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