Watermelon Honey (NARDEK)

Watermelon Honey (NARDEK) Watermelon Honey is a product obtained by condensation natural watermelon juice by boiling it. For the production of watermelon honey used mature, healthy Watermelons any table grapes. As an exception allowed Recycling overripe watermelons, as well as mechanical damaged and diseased copperhead, subject to full removal of damaged areas and immediate processing. Watermelon with a muddy pulp, sour and bitter taste unsuitable for processing. Raw material supplied to the arbuzomedovarennye items in cold weather, avoid podmorazhivaniya stored in barns or under sheds. In a cold watermelon should cover the straw mats, matting and other insulated materials. Sorted watermelons are washed with clean water in baths, tanks or in the shower and removed from the surface soil, sand, grass brushes. Water baths or vats change while at least 2-3 times per shift. After washing melons cut into 2-4 parts, and special wooden spoons separate pulp from rind. Pulp immediately pass on wiping a machine that screens with Hole diameter not more than 3 mm. Grated watermelon pulp (pulp) is pressed to separate juice, then juice filtered. Press and burlap, used for squeezing melon pulp proshparivayut each shift with steam or boiling water. Filtered juice is boiled in dvutelnyh parovarochnyh boilers or tinned tazah in firing burners. It is better to boil down the juice in a vacuum apparatus. When uvarke watermelon juice is important to observe the following rules: - Continuously remove the foam with a slotted spoon; - Boil down the juice as quickly as possible and as far as boiling it gradually move the pots to a cool place; - When boiling sap continuously stir it and watch to ensure that the product does not stick at the walls of the boiler or pelvis; - Avoid caramelization contained in the juice of sugar, because it causes darkening of the product; - By the end of cooking to avoid of burning watermelon honey, to quickly remove pan from burner and burn a hole close the lid; - Thoroughly clean the pots and pans after cooking each of the singed particles; - End of cooking time should be determined by the share watermelon honey which must be equal to 1,310-1,345; content of dry substances - not below 72%; - The finished product to percolate in hot form after strainer lined with twill mesh. Boiled watermelon honey is cooled to a temperature not lower than 40 ° and poured into pre-prepared drum capacity up to 50 liters. According to the interim specifications Tsentroplodoovosh. sugary extracts from watermelon juice produced two types: watermelon Watermelon honey and molasses. Watermelon honey is produced by boiling an opaque watermelon juice, previously strained through sieves or cloth. Watermelon syrup - concentrate made from transparent juice using the factory methods of cleaning the juice from the insoluble substances. Watermelon honey and molasses is available in three varieties: supreme, first and second. The presence in the finished products of sand, soil and other impurities are not allowed. Watermelon Honey premium should be reddish brown, 1 st grade - brown and 2 nd - dark brown color. Watermelon honey of all kinds should be completely transparent, pasty consistency, enterprises have specific smell and taste of burnt sugar. Watermelon Honey (NARDEK) Watermelon syrup premium should be transparent, ^ have a viscous consistency, light yellow color, sweet taste of candy. Molasses 1 st and 2 nd grades may not be completely transparent in appearance. Its color orange (for 2 nd grade red. lignite) viscous consistency, allowed a sharper flavor and the smell of burnt sugar. Not allowed in both product rancidity and ostrokisly taste. Watermelon Honey stored in dry, cool place for temperature no higher than 6 °. Watermelon Honey (NARDEK) Per 1 ton of watermelon honey is required to spend 20 tons of raw materials.
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