Braga Braga is a fermented drink, made from the mixture of rye and barley malt or dry kvass, hops and sugar by rubbing, saccharification or infusion with followed by alcoholic fermentation. A mixture of rye and barley malt in the ratios provided recipe number 86, loaded into a mash or infusion vat filled up to 1 / 3 volume of hot water at the rate of obtaining mixture with a temperature of 50 °. The mixture was stirred for 15-20 minutes, and then, without stopping the mixing vat topped up with boiling water to get a jam with a temperature of 70-75 °. With such temperature mash left alone for 1-2 hours for saccharification, to protect grounds and clarification of wort. After settling first wort is decanted (express, not affecting sediment). For the remainder of the thick poured hot water temperature of 80 °, stirred and give stand 1 hour and decanted second wort. It is also possible to produce selection and third-wort. In the case of a mixture of malts, rather than dry kvass expedient to carry out the process of mashing with otvarkami as specified for bread kvass. Merged in the fermentation tank total mash stirred, adjusted water up to standards, then add to it sugar syrup of 25% of normal. The temperature of the wort should be 23-25 ??°. Fermentation of the wort produced baking pressed yeast (10 g / 1 Ch wort) or beer-seed yeast (0.2 liters per 1 hl wort). Pre-yeast podmolazhivayut stirring in the grain mash in which added sugar syrup density 1Q-12 to saccharometer; mixture was incubated at 30 ° to the emergence of a strong foam. Podmolozhennye yeast asked in the fermentation tank, followed by stirring. The main fermentation is carried out at 25 ° C for 12-16 hours. After that Braga was cooled to 10 ° C and then pumped (Not touching the yeast sediment) into another fermentation tank where add hoppy brew, the right amount of caramel and more 25% sugar syrup. Maturation occurs at temperatures from 10 to 14 ° for at least 2 days. To wash necessary to lower the density of the wort at 6 to saccharometer. After fermentation Braga carefully decanted from the sediment of yeast in the filling tank, I add the remaining 50% sugar syrup. Braga then passed through xagrubotkanny or bag filter and poured into barrels. After filling Braga is necessary to sustain 8-10 hours. in the expedition of the plant for carbonation. For plants that have zaparniki, in the preparation of mash recommended to park the solyudov by reducing time mashing. Thus obtained is ready Braga has a better taste and more intense flavor of bread. Way to brew the same as in the manufacture of bread kvass. To receive a decoction of hops to pour water and boil 15-40 min. After separating the liquid portion of broth loaded a must. In appearance Braga opaque, intense brown Color can have a yeast sediment and opalescence. Taste drink should look like yeast beer with a pronounced grain and hop aroma. Resistance at a storage temperature of 20 ° - at least 5 days.
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