Honey (mead)

Honey (mead) Honey or mead is a product fermentation by yeast mash of a mixture of water, honey and sugar. He should have a characteristic aroma and taste of honey. Honey (mead) Otveshenny honey (depending on the number of manufactured beverage) is poured into the vat, barrel or bucket and at constant stirring, pour water with a temperature of 90-100 ° (Estimated at 10 liters per 1 hl drink). Together with the dissolution of there purification of honey from the wax and other impurities. If honey is very dirty, then it is boiled, and make foam gently remove with a slotted spoon. By the hot solution of honey poured sugar syrup at the rate bring water to a given size and make hops. For the besxtextraction of hop mash stirred 1 hour, then passed through a bag filter, Blessed is cooled to 20 ° C and pumped into a fermenting vat, to add color and 0.5% yeast (beer or baking). Yeast is diluted in 10 liters of honey wort (the density of 12.2 to 12.5 for saccharometer) and leave in a warm place before the appearance of curls (on 30 minutes. up to 1.5 hours). The main fermentation lasts for 36 hours, fermentation believe complete, if the density of the wort is reduced to 1.5 by saccharometer. The foam that forms during fermentation all the time remove with a slotted spoon, preventing it from dropping down as it further gives the drink bitter. After fermentation, the young slow cooled, carefully remove from the yeast and poured into the camp drums. In each barrel of honey is added the appropriate amount present cloves and cinnamon for 96 °-dimensional rectified spirit in the ratio 1: 10. Then the drums zashpuntovyvayut, and honey is kept for 7 days at a temperature no higher than 12 ° and for 3 days at 4-5 ° for the best deposition of yeast. Upon the expiration of honey extracts passed through a filter drum or framework type used in brewing. To obtain sufficient transparency drink pass through the filter 2-3 times. In the camp barrel honey well lightened and therefore feeding on the filter it must be taken without disturbing sediment. Ready mead should be transparent, light yellow color with a golden hue. Odor - Honey mixed with aroma of spices and hops. Alcohol content in it 1,5 - 3 °. Acidity-l - 1,2 normal alkali per 100 ml and density of saccharometer not below 4.5. Well-sealed honey keep in a warm place for temperature no higher than 10 ° to 2 months at a shutter speed is a more pleasant and mild taste.
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