COOKING Fruit and Berry KVASOV

COOKING Fruit and Berry KVASOV Fruit and Berry kvasses represent alcoholic beverages obtained by fermentation of yeast mash of fresh berries or juice, or extract and sugar. Cranberry kvass. Cranberries (one per 12.5 kg / 1 Ch drink) wash in cold water and mash in a roller crusher with wooden or stone rollers (at between rolls of 2-3 mm). Mash pulp was loaded into a vat equipped with a stirrer, Chan fill with boiling water for 40 liters per 1 Ch manufactured kvass. Chiang close lid and produce mixing within 0,5 hours. Then open the lower sleeve and jam translate in infusion-filter tank, placed below. Infusion filter-chan has a false bottom, ie at a distance 20 cm from the bottom of the tub is set on stands second bottom with holes in the 2.5 cm, covered with clean burlap. Near the bottom of the tub makes a hole with plug valve or sleeve to release the fluid. Chan closed wooden cover. Transfused weight infused within 2 hours. After the launching of the first wort fermentation tank pulp treated water of 60 liters per 1 Ch manufactured beverage at gentle agitation with an oar, and then infused into the mass for 1 hour. The second is a must also translate into a fermenting vat. The second wort is better to pour hot water, but to accelerate the cooling of the finished wort, you can mash the second goyuvit and cold water. Likewise pulp was treated again with water (30 l 1 Ch kvass), merging the third in a fermenting mash Tank, I add sugar syrup (at full rates of sugar), lactic acid and the solution of amaranth. After cooling, the finished wort to 15-25 ° in the case need to add the cranberry essence and make 0,2% compressed yeast. 1 hour prior to entering into a vat of yeast stir in a little cranberry wort sugar density of about 9 to saccharometer (100 g of yeast in 100 cm3 wort) and incubated at 30 ° to rise yeast mass. At 15 ° C fermentation is carried out for 2-3 days before obtain the density in the 6.0 to saccharometer. Fermented kvass cooled to a temperature no higher than 10 ° and poured into the barrel camp, where he was kept about 10 days, thus achieving the mitigation of taste and increase strength beverage. A week before bottling lager barrels zashpuntovyvayut. For more transparent kvass it is filtered by termination of exposure in the camp office by beer filter (frame or drum). In the absence of the plant capacity to ensure sufficient Cooling advisable to make a fermented mash not all of the norm of sugar, and part of its rate of 2 kg per 1 ch wort, and the remaining 4.5 kg add filling the vat. Ready kvass must meet the following requirements: density of not less than 6 ° saccharometer, titratable acidity (In ml 1 N NaOH solution per 100 ml drink) 1,5-2; resistance when stored in corked bottles at 20 ° - at least 3 days. Making kvass from sulfitirovannogo juice or extract. Necessary amount of juice is boiled sulfitirovannogo 1.5 hours before the extinction in the off-odor of sulfur vapor anhydride (in the tin-plated copper boiler or in a special wooden vat equipped with steam coils). After that, the juice was adjusted with water to the rules and add the desired amount of lactic acid, sugar, dye and, in the case necessary, cranberry essences. If you use an extract, it is diluted 10-fold the number of water. The diluted extract is poured into the filling tank, where add sugar syrup and dye, and water was adjusted to norm. Cultivation of yeast fermentation and storage of produce lager similar to the corresponding stages of preparation cranberry kvass fresh berries. Kvass obtained Danielewski sulfitirovaniogo juice or extract in their taste of slightly lower kvass for r-toblyaemogo of fresh berries. Apple kvass is a low-alcohol drink obtained by yeast fermentation of wort made from fresh berries (different varieties), or apple juice, or extract and sugar. Quite ripe apples (one per 16 kg at 1 Ch drink) washed in water jet wash bottle with revolving drum or in any other way. For the besxtextraction of apple juice on crushed fruit crusher to a particle size of 0,3-0,5 cm Pulp was loaded into a wooden vat, equipped with a stirrer and wooden kryshkyy. The whole process of making wort and kvass conduct in the future the same way as in the cooking cranberry kvass. Go to the finished apple kvass imposed the same requirements as to the cranberry kvas. Preparation of apple kvass on sulfitirovannom juice or apple extract, carried out as described for the cranberry kvass in the case of these same kinds of Fruit and Berry semis.
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