for the production of halva

This technological instruction applies to the production of halva, GOST 6502 "Halva. Specifications", manufactured by kneading knock frother caramel mass with a mass of fried mashed kernels oilseeds (sunflower, sesame) or nuts. Depending on the used oil containing nuclei halva is divided into the following types: Sesame (tahini), sunflower, peanut, nut, combined (with the simultaneous use of two or more kinds of oil seeds or nuts). In accordance with the recipes in halva can be introduced cocoa products, nuts, milk, various spices and flavors. Distinguish between varieties of halva: tahini vanilla, chocolate tahini, tahini with nuts, sunflower vanilla and other Sesame and sunflower halva can be produced in the form of small briquettes chocolate, and can also be processed in a vacuum. For the production of halva, the following basic raw material:
- Sugar according to GOST 1921;
- Molasses GOST 5194
- Sunflower seeds, GOST 22391
- Sesame seeds, GOST 12095
- Peanuts (legumes), GOST 17112
- Peanut kernels and nuts to the specifications
- Root kolyuchelistnika (soap), GOST 448
- Roots and rhizomes of licorice according to GOST 22839
- Licorice extract in accordance with GOST 22840
- Lactic acid in accordance with GOST 490
- Sodium bicarbonate according to GOST 2156
- Hydrochloric acid in accordance with GOST 3118.
The additives used spices and flavors - vanilla, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, milk powder, etc.
Technological scheme of production of halva Technological scheme of production of halva consists of the following operations:
1. Preparation crushed mass.
2. Preparation knocked cartel masses.
3. Stir halva.
4. Packing and packing halva.

1. Preparation grated mass

Method of preparation of grated mass depends on the type of oil-seeds and kernels going to cook halva.
1.1 Preparation of sesame (tahini) mass
1.2 Preparation of subsolar mass
1.3 Preparation of peanut and nut mass
1.4 Preparation of corn mass

2. Preparation knocked caramel mass

Preparation knocked caramel mass includes the steps of making caramel syrup, caramel masses, and the foam directly to whisk caramel mass.

2.1 Preparation of caramel syrup

Caramel syrup is prepared from sugar and molasses, or the shortage of molasses from sugar and molasses with the addition of invert syrup. Caramel mass, cooked with the addition of invert syrup, has a lower viscosity and plasticity, which hinders the formation of caramel fibers and results in a halva with less fibrous structure. Caramel mass, made with only the sugar and molasses, has a sufficient viscosity for the formation of strong fibers with kneading and provides halva with fibrous and layered structure.
2.1.1 Preparation of caramel syrup to molasses
2.1.2 Preparation of caramel syrup with partial replacement of molasses invert syrup
2.1.3 Preparation of caramel syrup continuous way on the unit SHSA-1
2.1.4 Boiling caramel mass
2.1.5 Preparation of soap-root decoction
2.1.6 Preparation of decoction of licorice (licorice) root
2.1.7 Preparation of decoction of tea seed
2.1.8 Bringing down the caramel mass with foamers

3. Stir halva

4. Packing and packing halva

5. Production of halva, chocolate

6. Production of halva, treated in a vacuum

7. Production of peanut and sunflower halva with dry whey.

8. Sunflower halva with sunflower oil or sunflower grist flour

9. Storage halva

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