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2.1.6 Preparation of decoction of licorice (licorice) root

In addition to soap root to shoot down caramel mass is used licorice root. To prepare the extract of licorice root, as well as soap, in whole washed with water to remove dirt and dust, then pour clean water, heated to 60-80 ° C, kept for days, and then cut into pieces measuring 3-4 cm and no thicker than 1 cm in hardened kornerezke or manually. Licorice root, like soap, boil in three to four servings of water. The density of the finished decoction should be 1120-1150 kg / m 3. Duration boiling liquorice extract more than the manufacture of soap decoction of the root, so you need more digesters. Digestion, and licorice root boiling broth are as follows. Washed and chopped licorice root is loaded into a copper boiler with steam or heating coil, equipped with an exhaust hood. Liquorice load by about 1/3-1/2 tank of the boiler, fill with water and begin the digestion until the broth of dark brown plotnostyu112O1150 kg/m3. In the process of boiling in the pot periodically topped up with a weak decoction of licorice root, which occurs after the second and third digestion of the same portion of the root. Ready broth density 1120-1150 kg/m3 drained through the bottom fitting or over the edge into a wooden vat or tank, lined inside with ceramic tiles. When pouring liquor is filtered through a mesh with a hole diameter of 1 mm. Remaining in the boiler root again fill with water and boil again in the same conditions for 6-7 hours. The resulting secondary broth is poured into another wooden vat or tank, lined inside with ceramic tiles. Broths obtained after the second and third digestion, are less concentrated. After three or four digestion each time in fresh water (as above), licorice root is cooled with cold water and removed from the plant as waste. Collected after the second, third, fourth, boiling broths low concentration of spending in the boiling broth, in the first digestion, and may be re-Uvarov until broth density 1120-1130 kg/m3. Ready decoction of licorice root, arriving at the churning caramel mass should be well filtered, with no solid particles of the root, have a dark brown color, density not less than 1120 kg/m3, free of foreign odor. As a decoction of licorice root is subject to fermentation, it is recommended to harvest no more than three days. As well as soap, licorice root is usually not uniform in size (ie age), which is associated with different content in it blowing agent - glitserizina. In this regard, the output of the extract density of 1120 kg / m 3 from the same number of roots obtained different. Therefore, before extraction of licorice root (as well as soap) to determine its cost to make one ton of broth required density as follows: Washed and chopped licorice root in an amount of 200 g pour 1 liter of water and boil for 4-5 hours. The extract was filtered. Filtering produced so that the entire mass of the root remained in the bottom of the tank, in which digestion was carried out. The filtered extract was compacted to 1120 kg/m3, and weighed. The remaining root again pour 1 liter of water, and again were extracted for 3 hours. The extract was also filtered and compacted to 1120 kg/m3, and then weighed. In a similar way to the extraction of produce for the third time. Calculation of the required quantity of licorice on the results of laboratory determination is as follows: X = (n • 1000): m, where X - amount of licorice root (in dry matter) needed milking produce 1 ton of the extract, kg; n - number of solids in 200 g of licorice root, kg; m - mass of the extract, kg. To determine the number of roots in nature produce corresponding conversion of dry substances. Example: The resulting licorice root has a humidity of 15%. After washing and soaking humidity to 25%. At such moisture 0,2 kg sample liquorice contained 0.15 kg of dry matter. When an experimental 3-fold extraction of the sample received 0.2 kg of the extract density of 1120 kg/m3. Consequently, for the preparation of 1 ton of an extract from this root should be: (0,15 • 1000): 0,2 = 750 kg (dry matter) Cellar of liquorice in nature will be: (750 • 1000): 85 = 882.3 kg Consequently, for the preparation of 1000 kg of broth density 1120 kg/m3 of licorice in this installment it is necessary to take 882.3 kg.
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