for the production of halva

2.1.8 Bringing the caramel mass with foamers

Caramel mass knocked frother to the formation of a porous friable mass necessary to produce fibrillation halva. Bringing the produce in sbivalnom boiler steam heated. The lower part of the boiler has a spherical shape, inside on a horizontal shaft attached shovel blades (usually three) are located relative to each other at an angle of 120 °. Shaft speed of 100-120 rpm. At the bottom of the boiler is firing nipple. To make caramel mass is not sprayed with Interrupting the boiler is equipped with a cap or lid. Sbivalny boiler is heated before loading, then load the caramel mass, add broth soap root density of 1,050 kg/m3 or decoction of licorice root density 1120-1150 kg / m 3 in an amount up to 2% by weight of caramel mass and include a mixer. Duration churning 15-20 minutes while simultaneously loading the boiler of 100-150 kg. The temperature of the caramel mass during churning - 100-115 ° C. Stir well caramel mass is white, is drawn into a long thin thread of uniform, floats on the surface of the shredded mass. Humidity its 3,5-5%, density 1100-1150 kg/m3. . Density knocked caramel mass determined by measuring the volume weighted cooled piece weight with subsequent calculation of the density relative sample mass to its volume. To measure the volume knocked caramel mass cooled weighted sample (10-20 g) is immersed in the graduated cylinder with alcohol, noting the increase in alcohol on labels of the cylinder. Insufficient weight has knocked concerted yellow. Halva, made with the use of such a mass is usually dark with no fibrillation. : Too long Interrupting quality caramel mass is also deteriorating (poduchatsya like "killed off" mass) density of at least 1000 kg/m3, the threads are not strong rushing. Halva, made with the use of such a mass and has a fibrous structure. When Interrupting caramel mass can be used in a mixture of equal amounts of soap and concoctions, (density 1040-1050 kg/m3) and liquorice (density 1120-1150 kg/m3). The total amount of the mixture should be the same as specified in the recipe. In addition to soap and concoctions liquorice those made by companies directly to the digestion of crushed roots, to whisk caramel mass is also ready a thick licorice extract from the solids content 67-70%, usually arriving in plywood, wood, metal casks or flasks. Foaming Agent glitserrizinovaya acid extract is the number of which are related in an extract of its foaming properties. Consumption of this extract on the downing of caramel mass is calculated on the contents therein glitserrizinovoy acid, to view the content of molasses in the recipe of caramel mass. When Interrupting caramel mass produced according to a recipe with a ratio of sugar and molasses 1:1,8, the number of glitserrizinovoy acid in licorice extract, taken to shoot down 100 kg caramel mass should be 180 g, and for shooting down 100 kg caramel mass produced at a ratio of sugar and molasses, 1: 0,9 - 130 g. Example of calculation of flow liquorice extract: In determining the content glitserrizinovoy acid in the extract of its number was 19.0%. Consequently, in 1 kg of extract of its contained 190 g. In this glycyrrhizic acid content of the extract added to 100 kg caramel mass produced at a ratio of sugar and molasses 1:1,8 be: (180 • 1000): 190 = 947 g and 100 kg of caramel mass produced at a ratio of sugar and molasses 1:0,9 (130 • 1000): 190 = 700 g Depending on the production of the extract can be administered in caramel mass as dense and pre-diluted with water at a ratio of 1:1. Bringing down the caramel mass with a decoction of tea seeds produced in the same boilers as the heating and the use of other blowing agents. Sbivalny boiler is heated before loading, then load the caramel mass, made at a ratio of sugar and molasses 1:0,9 with humidity 4,0-4,5% add broth of tea seeds in the amount of 2.0% by mass of caramel mass and start churning. Duration churning 30-35 minutes with simultaneous loading of the boiler 100 kg. The temperature of the caramel mass during the churning of 110 ° C. Ready knocked caramel mass should be white, with a moisture content of about 5%, weighing not more than 1150 kg/m3. For the churning mass of caramel can be used a mixture of decoctions of tea seeds and soap (or liquorice) roots. These broths, chilled to a temperature of 20-22 ° C were mixed in equal quantities
Density concoctions by mixing:
- Decoction of soap root - 1050-100 kg/m3
- Decoction of liquorice - 1120-1130 kg/m3
- Decoction of tea seed - 1024 kg/m3
Decoction of soap root density 1040-1050 kg/m3 or decoction of tea seed density of 1024 kg / m 3 can also be mixed with the thick extract of licorice root in a ratio of 1: .0,5.
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