for the production of halva

3. Stir halva

Getting halva, stir - it's an even distribution knocked caramel mass in shredded mass with the formation of fibrous and layered structure. In manual mode kneading is performed in a special metal, tinned inside the cups with a diameter of 900 mm and a height of about 300 mm. Kneading bowl mounted on carts that move freely in three casters. In addition, the bowl can be rotated in the vertical and horizontal directions. Lump-loading semi-kneading 40 to 80 kg: Downed caramel mass of 40-45%, grated mass - 55-60%. To obtain a good fiber-layered structure halva vymeshivayut in several stages (stages) in compliance with the particular mode during kneading. Kneading process is as follows. In a bowl pour the allotted amount for the recipe shredded mass, then knocked down pour caramel mass temperature of 100-115 ° C. All the additives put in the recipe, as well as the crushed recurrent waste is introduced into the shredded mass, whose temperature should be 40-50 ° C. Grated mass can temper in tempering machine for chocolate mass or collection with a steam jacket (for heating or cooling) and mechanical stirrer with a speed of about 30 rpm. The use of shredded mass temperature below 40 ° C, leading to a coarse-fibered halva, as cold and more viscous grated mass makes it difficult to structure formation. At higher temperatures, a dense mass of shredded fibrous paste .. When using knocked caramel mass with signs zasaharivaniya turns dry and crumbly halva, with high content of reducing substances halva quickly moistened and unstable in storage. Halva, prepared by compounding in compliance with the prescribed temperature, should have a fine-fibered structure, cut with a knife without a strong chopping Hand and halva vymeshivayut wooden paddle from the edges toward the center, dipped the paddle to the bottom and throwing on the caramel mass. The first batch (mix) lasts about 1-1,5 minutes until a dough with the large fibers of caramel and incomplete distribution of shredded mass. After this halvichnuyu was cooled (usually with the help of ventilation technology) to a temperature of 75-80 ° C. The second batch (mixing) is carried out for more subtle caramel pulling strings and grated mass distribution between them. The second batch usually lasts 3-4 minutes, the material temperature 70-75 ° C. Then the mass is cooled to 62-68 ° C and hold third and final stage of kneading (throwing). To this end, the bowl is tilted, almost to the vertical position, the mass slides over the edge and is stretched, its pick up and throw in the middle of the bowl. Throwing was repeated four to six times, tilting the cup is in one or the other side, as long as halvichnaya mass produce thin-portage-grained structure. The third stage of kneading usually lasts 3-4 minutes. With the mechanized method of kneading process is conducted in a kneading machine: mixers grade "Standard" with dezheoprokidyvatelem or mixer, in which the modified blade. When working on the unit, which consists of machines for kneading halva "Standard" with dezheoprokidyvatelem, halva vymeshivayut continuously rotating circular steel dezhe (speed 4.83 rpm). The working body of the machine is a lever on the end of which a kneading foot. The latter with its movement fits into the configuration of the inner surface of the tub. Action vymeshivayut arm (his duty cycle) takes place in a vertical plane between the center of the deck and the wall opposite the bed of the kneading machine. The number of cycles (lifting and lowering) the lever in the presence of speed changers can be 20-40 per minute. The main shaft kneading machine equipped with a steering wheel that adjusts the vymeshivayut lever in the up position when the tip of it is out of the bowl and it is free to roll under the car and rolled back. The bowl is installed on the carriage and moves on track. Machine and stop pushbutton actuator, mounted on the front of the machine body. When kneading halva in a car "Standard" in dezhe capacity of 100-300 liters vymeshivayut usually from 80 to 800 kg halvichnoy mass. Stir constantly until smooth and are pulling caramel strands within 2-3 minutes. During this time, the lever carries from 52 to 57 cycles. It can make movement from center to edge and from edge to center. The procedure works as follows. In dezhe weigh the necessary amount of shredded mass, introduce the necessary additives and drove to a bowl sbivalnomu boiler. There also sbivalnogo of the boiler and pour caramel weighed knocked down a lot. Then wheeled into the bowl on a stand kneading machine, the carriage is fixed in the frame and include a lever. When driving it does the job tyanulnogo mechanism. At the end of kneading kneading machine stops, put the lever into the upper end position, the bowl on a carriage and drove to detach dezheoprokidyvatelyu with a specially installed tyanulnym descent (inclined corrugated metal surface, move down to the filling table). Carriage with a bowl secured to the frame dezheoprokidyvatelya, the door is closed and the fence bowl rises to unload halvichnoy mass in the hopper. From the bunker halvichnaya mass can be discharged directly to fasovochny table, or through a slot hopper drain on a corrugated surface from a certain height (this is an additional extension of caramel fibers), as well as can be before laying in drawers or boxes passed through a separating machine, where it goes on the conveyor in the form of pieces weighing up to 4 kg. Machine for kneading halva (a modified cement mixer) is a pear-shaped pot, inside which are two grableobraznye blades welded to the walls of the boiler. The boiler can be rotated and tilted at an angle to the horizontal axis. During the rotation of the boiler vymeshivayut weight is wound on a fixed axis and delayed, and grableobraznye blades grab it and pull motion caramel threads. For better mixing mass during alternate vertical and inclined position of the boiler. Prescribed parts - shredded and whipped caramel mass is loaded into the concrete mixer by weight or volume. Boiler capacity 200 l, simultaneous loading of up to 100 kg halvichnoy mass. Rotational speed of the boiler when kneading - 7-8 rpm, duration of 5-6 minutes. The last stage of the process of kneading (throwing) performed by the deflation of the mass of the boiler when it is tilted in his hand and throwing it back into the pot. Halvichnuyu mass of the mixer is discharged slope of the boiler at an angle of 90 °, without stopping its rotation.
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