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2.1.2 Preparation of caramel syrup with partial replacement of molasses invert syrup

Caramel syrup, molasses which partially replaced invert syrup may be prepared in two ways:
- Adding to the sugar solution prepared in advance of the neutralized invert syrup with some content in it reducing substances;
- To build the required amount of reducing substances during cooking caramel syrup. The first way. Preparation of caramel syrup with the addition of pre-cooked invert syrup. Sugar syrup with a solids content 80% in the kettle boiled to a moisture content of 13-15% (85-87% solids) was added the required (by calculation) the number of invert syrup and molasses. The resulting mixture is boiled to a moisture of 14-19%. The dosage of invert sugar solution depends on the contents therein reducing substances and the prescription of molasses, and is calculated so that after boiling in caramel syrup, 14-19% moisture content reducing substances was 23-27%. It is recommended to use the technological dosing tables compiled for use in a specific conxtext of the business. Ready caramel syrup is filtered through stakanchaty (tsindrichesky) filter screens with holes of diameter 1.5 mm and 1-0,8, and sent to the collector or in a vacuum apparatus. Its moisture content 14-19%, the content of reducing substances - 23-27%. If necessary to prevent a possible increase of reducing substances in the caramel syrup (if stored in a collection), depending on the particular company, added sodium lactate in an amount of 0,3-0,5% by mass of caramel syrup solids (in terms of 100% sodium lactate). Getting neutralized invert syrup Counteracted invert syrup get inverted sugar solution with hydrochloric acid. Sugar dissolved in water (25% by mass of sugar) when heated in the digester, dissutore, sectional solvent and obtain a sugar syrup with a solids content 78-82%. For the preparation of invert syrup is expedient to use digesters or tank with steam heating, which is equipped with cooling coils on the periphery and center - with a mechanical stirrer with a speed of 20-30 rpm required for mixing the syrup in the process of inversion and neutralization. To the resulting sugar syrup, cooled to 90 ° C was added 10% solution of hydrochloric acid (chemically pure) and incubated at 90 ° C for 30 minutes while stirring. Number 10% - aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid, depending on the quality of sugar (the nature of non-sugars) varies between 0,15 - 0, 3% by weight of sugar. When working on refined sugar enough 0,15% acid solution, whereas the sugar is required from 0,2 to 0,3%. The resulting invert syrup is cooled to a temperature of 60-70 ° C under continuous agitation, then it is neutralized by adding 10% solution of bicarbonate (drinking) of soda in an amount of 210 parts of soda in 100 parts of hydrochloric acid. The reaction liquor after neutralization should be slightly acidic. Bicarbonate of soda consumption is 0,7 kg per ton of sugar I. Neutralization process is conducted with careful stirring the syrup in order to avoid local pereschelachivaniya and darkening. Ready to invert syrup containing redutsiruschih substances at least 70%, humidity 20-22% goes to the receiver with a collection of coils, which is stored at a temperature of 40-45 ° C. In the absence of hydrochloric acid, invert syrup may be prepared using lactic acid by boiling for 40-50 minutes. Consumption of lactic acid concentration of 40-45% is 4 liters per 1 ton of sugar (about 0,2% by mass of sugar in terms of 100% acid). Prior to the neutralization of the syrup is cooled to a temperature of 60-70 ° C. Consumption of bicarbonate of soda is 0,89-1,0 kg per 1 ton of sugar. The content of reducing substances in the finished invert syrup 60-70%. The second method. Preparation of caramel syrup with xagradual build redutsiruschih substances In this case when preparing the required amount of caramel syrup redutsiruschih substances formed gradually in the caramel syrup under the action of acid added to it. Molasses syrup is added after a sugar syrup accumulate the required number redutsiruschih substances, missing at a reduced content of molasses in the recipe. Sugar is dissolved e water (25% by mass of sugar) and boiled at a temperature of 113-114 ° C and dry matter content in it 85-86%. Added lactic acid as a 10% solution at approximately the amount of 0,5% by mass of sugar. The exact dosage of acid is set in place, depending on the specific conditions of the shop. Instead of lactic acid can be used tartaric or citric acid. The duration of boiling syrup 10-20 min. In the process of cooking liquor is formed on a missing formula of reducing substances. Then add the molasses, the syrup is brought to a boil and transfer to the filter. In the prepared caramel syrup moisture content 14-19%, reducing substances - 23-27%.
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