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It is known that fruits and vegetables play an important role nutritional cheloveka.Oni rich sugars, vitamins, organic acids and their salts, nitrogen and aromatic substances, enzymes, trace elements and volatile production. This determines their high nutritional and dietary importance, preventive and therapeutic value. Fresh fruits and vegetables is difficult to store for a long time, so they need to eat immediately, and the excess ably save - preserve the autumn-winter and spring periods. In this regard, great importance attaches to develop and implement new ways of processing fruits and vegetables while preserving nutrients and flavors quality products. There are many ways of conservation. They are all in varying degrees different from each other, but many are accompanied by high temperature (boiling jam and jams, compotes cooking, candied fruit, etc.). At the same time observed loss of vitamins, in addition, there boiling fruit and vegetables in their own juice, which leads to loss of this valuable product that it is expedient isolate and maintain in-kind sponsors vide.Predlagaemy a new way of preserving fruits and vegetables with the office juice has been developed over more than 20 years. So, for drying was necessary to find a way separation of juice from raw materials to the remaining product could stored for a long time while maintaining the taste and nutritional feedstock. In addition, it was necessary to achieve product to retain its shape, was elastic enough and easy to use without any additional processing. As a result of numerous experiments it was found that These conditions may provide the only way - heat processing product remaining after separation of the juice in sugar syrup and then getting the juice vyaleniem.Pri and dried produce fruit and vegetables are not subjected to high (Over 90 ° C) and continuous temperatures that allows you to save valuable aromatics, spices and nutrients processed raw materials. Juice and dried product stored for over a year. Keeping them comfortable and not requires special conditions. They make it possible all year round replace fresh fruits and vegetables, to diversify food. New preservation method is designed for the industrial preparation juice and dried product (dried product when cooking You can use existing equipment for drying fruit and vegetables), but it can be successfully applied and at home. The authors also engaged in development of pureeing, jams, jellies, jams, candied fruits, previously separated from the juice of fruits or vegetables. Thus, the new method of conservation are two types of product: the first - the juice - and second, depending on the further processing of fruits and vegetables - dried product, mashed potatoes, jam, candied fruit, etc. This type of preservation in obtaining two products, such as juice and dried product, together taken to retain more nutrients substances contained in fresh fruits and vegetables than known methods of canning, when they get one kind of Product: jam, puree, jam, dried product, or candied fruit dried fruit. quality requirements of raw materials. For any canning taste and nutritional quality storage products with a guarantee for a long time can be obtained only if the fruits and vegetables mature, undamaged, uncontaminated by microorganisms freshly and thoroughly washed. The higher the aromatic and coloring agents in raw materials, the better finished products. Fresh fruit and vegetables are more juice, which is of higher quality. conditions to be observed in the processing of fruits and vegetables. When a new way to observe the preservation of all sanitary conditions under which implementing other conservation at home. Pots should be enameled, and knives, spoons, forks, colander, sieve and other equipment - stainless steel. The entire inventory is thoroughly washed in hot water. Except listed equipment is needed for household scale and a thermometer with a scale up to 150 ° C. In canning of fruits and vegetables home is best to use standard dimensional glass jars of 0.5 to 3 liters with the metal caps and bottling machines. Banks are well washed and sterilized by steam. The tops and rubber rings are washed in hot water, and after the laying of rubber rings in the lid - boiled.
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