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Strawberry - one of the most popular berries. In the European part of USSR it is distributed from the Kola Peninsula to the southern borders of the country. The most commonly it grown in the central non-chernozem zone, the Ukraine and North Caucasus. Ripens early. Berries are delicious and flavorful. In an era of a scrap- have an outer color from pale pink to dark red - Almost black. Fruits contain 5,5-15% sugars, 0.6-1.4% acid, 50-80 mg% vitamin C, lots of iron salts, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, aluminum and manganese. For the processing of fully ripened fresh use strawberries (greenish gives pungent, bitter flavor, and acidity of fruit is high). Moreover, suitable for this purpose berries of all kinds, but most the best currently available are: Early life maturing varieties Maherauha, Dawn, Desnyanka (dense berries), the average period of maturation - Festival, Purple, Eva Marie Mahe-Rauch, hybrid strawberry Strawberry-Penelope Hope Zagorje, Muscat Biruliovsky; of medium-term maturity - Talisman, Zeng Zengana, Redkout, and Redgontlet remontant varieties. From remontant released mnogourozhayny grade Mount Everest. Weight berries it is 20 grams, the flesh is medium-density tender, juicy, with very good flavor and aroma, is excellent raw material for all kinds of processing. In order to give more flavor processed products are good mix of different varieties of strawberry fruit. Strawberry is often referred to as "strawberry." In Actually, the strawberries are different from berries strawberry not only by the size and weight, but more aroma, as well as round-conical shape and an uneven painted surface (one side red, on the other - light green). I kept a strawberry stalk tightly, while the strawberry can be easily separated. Strawberry timber gardening is different from the small fruits. Of wild strawberries - very sweet and aromatic. On the chemical composition of berries is not significantly different from strawberry. Distributed throughout Europe Part of the USSR, the Caucasus and Siberia. It grows in meadows, among shrubs xinforests and forest clearings, where yields it is usually high. SMOKED Suitable for drying all the berries of all kinds of strawberries, but best use of the most large and medium, as of them receive a higher capacity product. first method. Fresh mature but neperezrevshie berries strawberries are sorted by size, washed in cold boiled water, then dried, cut short sepals, placed in an enamel or glass container, interspersing layers sugar at the rate of 400 g per 1 kg of berries. Container with a lid and contents cover for 22 ° stand for 24 hours to separate juice, and the berries are firm and rubbery. Then, the resulting juice is poured into a sterilized banks, which closed with a lid and place in refrigerator, without using heat treatment (if the juice will be used for 2 - 2.5 months). In that case, if the juice harvested in storage for more than 2.5 months, it heated to a temperature of 80-85 °, and then poured into Zemlyanika sterilized jars, lids that roll. For the rest mass of the syrup is prepared at the rate of 350 g of sugar and 350 grams of water per 1 kg. In vskipevshy syrup shift weight, its wooden stir spatula and a temperature of 90 ° to stand for 7 minutes in a covered container. Then the mass allowed to cool to 60 °, the syrup is poured through a sieve or colander over a clean sterilized jars that close. Separated from semi-finished syrup to cool. Willingness to determine the consistency of the pulp, which should not be razvarena, but only a good warm up. Then the product is folded in two layer (the syrup it should not be) on the mesh baking stainless steel oven size gas stove with a mesh grid 3X3 mm (Fig. 1), put in oven, and reduce the oven temperature to 85 ° and can withstand for 30 minutes. After complete cooling of strawberries Ted wooden spatula. The heat treatment it is repeated 2 times at a temperature in the oven for 70 - 75 ° C for 35 min. The cooled product is folded in a pile of stainless steel sieve steel. Last put on a removable grid, made of wooden planks (Fig. 2) and Zemlyanika placed over the heating units or above heating panels, for 6-8 hours at a temperature of 30 °. Covering the gauze, the product periodically shaken or Ted, then pour into paper bags, stand up withxinfour - six days to equalize the moisture after which the finished dried strawberries together with paper bags stacked in plastic bags or pour in glass jars that are tightly closed. Humidity product should be about 22%, from 1 kg of fresh strawberries get about 300 grams of dried. Store it in a dark place at a temperature of 12-18 ° and relative humidity Room 65-70%. second way. Shelf life of fruit in a cool place strawberries after collection usually does noxtexceed 8 hours, however, during the mass gathering excessive or berries, and then process them all at once is not possible. To extend the conservation of berries, as well as to obtain good-quality juice and dried strawberries prepared for the processing of berries pour sugar sand (see the first method) and the container is placed in cold place (at +3-5 °) for up to 72 hours for this by lengthening the process of allocating the juice helps to extend storage of berries up to three days, and the quality of juice and dried strawberries, or strawberries, in this case is preserved. After draining the juice of semi-finished products for further processing obtain dried strawberries spend as lie the first method. BOILED first method. Jam can be cooked in strawberry of all kinds. The best jam prepared from small and medium-sized berries. Large berry bad Prov * Reeve, while at spent much time cooking. Cut grapes (halved) not suitable for jam, since his appearance in this case it is unsightly, and the quality and value of vitamin reduced. Jam sorted by size and maturity of the fruit depending on the contamination is washed several times in boiled water, dried, remove the stalk, as well as when dried, pour layers sugar (400 g per 1 kg of grapes and aged for 24 hours at a temperature of 22 °. The resulting juice drained. Process and snore ez second way. With a large number of strawberries juice before cooking jam separated at 3-5 ° and exposure for 72 h, as in the drying of strawberries the second method. After draining the sap boiling process nrovodyat by the first method. JAM Take a fresh ripe, wrinkled, large and too small, not suitable for cooking jam fruit. They are trained in the same way as in the drying of strawberries, but in this case, large cut fruit, mixed with small and crumpled, folded in a container, pour sugar in layers of calculation 400 g to 1 kg of berries and place in order to separate the juice in 22 ° for 22 h. The resulting juice is poured off and preserve the manner described. Then in the remaining mass (1 kg) pour the hot water (450 g), and since the fruits of strawberry weakly gelling, added 150 g of gelling juice made from waste of apples and quince (cut core and peel) or red currant. At the same time in a lot of sleep 900 g of sugar, stir and put everything on fire. After boiling the resulting foam is removed periodically. Then the mass is boiled for 20-25 minutes over medium heat, stirring in order to avoid stick. Jem is ready if a drop of it is thick on a smooth surface. In the hot jam into prepared jars packed, which are tightly sealed. Confiture first method. Raw materials are prepared in the same way as in the preparation dried product, but in this case, you can use unripe fruit, ugly, wrinkled with pre- blanching. Too large fruit is cut. Then they pour sugar in layers (for 1 kg of fruit taken 400 g of sugar) and incubated at 22 ° C for 24 h. Next, the juice is drained and preserve the same way as in the case preparation of dried strawberries. In the remaining mass is poured water in which the spent blanching (400 g to 1 kg) with the addition of gelling juice (150 g to 1 kg). When closed cover cook no more than 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Thereafter poured sugar to taste and cook until zheleobraznoyp mass. When you are ready jam drop on a smooth surface does not spread. Its packed into a hot pchistye banks that clog with metal lids. o Store as well as jam. second way. Take a very large and mature perezrevshiep o (with no signs of fermentation), as well as large wrinkled berries. They are prepared as described above. Then the berries are cut into two - four pieces, pour sugar in layers o (1 kg 400 grams of fruit sugar) and at 5 ° to stand for three days, and then poured the juice. Further processing, packaging and storage are the same as the first method. fig first method. For figs are used most often ready Shore, whereby it can be cooked in any season. For This ripe and overripe take berries. Preparation of raw materials, filling of sugar, juice and canning department shall as well as in the curing of the product. After separation of the juice mass is immersed in a heated water (500 g to 1 kg), kept at a temperature of 85-90 ° for 10 minutes, then wipe through a sieve. If the puree harvest in store, not a lot of sugar in added, because it saved enough it in storage in the period of separation of juice. Puree packed hot in sterilized jars, which immediately roll covers and cover against drafts for slow cooling. In that case, if the puree is used during the ripening of berries, it is not packed, and immediately prepare figs. For this purpose, He added sugar (500 g per 1 kg puree) and cook, stirring, to avoid the stick over medium heat until, until the mixture thickens and will not separate from the pelvis. Such a mass of spread evenly in a flat dish or pan with podstelennoy it with parchment paper and dried. Then cut into slices a lot of different shapes and sprinkle with Celery, cooked from dried leaves rubbed. Then fold in glass jars that clog. Store in a dry cool dark place. second way. After separating the juice from the fruit, as described above, the remaining mass rubbed through a sieve, add 200 g water and 300 grams of sugar per 1 kg, mixed in a bowl, put on the fire for boiling and then cook on the first method. COMPOTE Very tasty and aromatic spirits are always fresh fruit drinks can be prepared from dried fruits. For it takes 100 grams of dried strawberries, 50 g of honeysuckle and 50 g rhubarb, poured into a pan and pour vskipevshey, but ostuzhennoy to a temperature of 90 "water of 1.5 liters, cover with lid and infused for 1.5-2 h. After This compote is ready. You can choose to use a real or syrup with berries. The remaining berries you can fill with water again, to insist for 30 minutes before and use to add any fruit or vegetable juice.
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