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Malina is distributed in the central and northern belt of the European USSR, Siberia, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Wild raspberries growing in the woods, clearings, scrublands. Good fruit on the southern slopes gullies. Blooms in June - the first half of July. Berries ripen in July and August. Fruits contain up to 11% sugars (glucose, fructose) 1-2% organic acids (citric, malic, salicylic, wine), their salts, and 0.3% tannins, vitamins C, A and B. The seeds up to 22% fatty oil. When gathering raspberries are sorted into two containers: one collected Large clean, suitable for canning, and in another - small, defective. To remove the raspberry beetle larvae of fruit on the bottom of the container with a wide-bottomed put gauze in two layers. Fruits are packed into containers in five or six rows. Then, through small amount of time their carefully selected from the packaging. Larvae, climbing into the cheesecloth, destroy, and washed cheesecloth. The gardens grow many varieties of raspberries, including news Novokitaevskaya, Barnaul (Siberia), Rubin Bulgarian Berries and other garden raspberries are much larger berries wild. SMOKED first method. Take raspberries with firm flesh (News Kuzmin, Rubin Bulgarian Visluha, etc.) - Sorted Fresh fruit in layers pour sugar (400 g to 1 kg) containers closed with a lid and incubated for 22 h at temperature of 20 °. Then the juice is poured into sterilized jars-nye and close lid. Depending on its shelf-life juice pasteurized in the same way as in the drying of strawberries. Far away train Syrup. For this to take 1 kg of 300 g of sugar and 350 g of water in the hot syrup weight shift, stir content, containers closed with a lid, heated to a temperature of all 85 ° and incubated for 5 min. The fruit must be nerazvarennymi, whole and well warmed. After mass has cooled to 60-65 °, the syrup is poured into a sterilized banks and shut down. The product is completely freed from the syrup to be dried. Further processing is similar to obtaining dried strawberries. Only drying in the oven raspberry spend at 80 ° for 20 minutes one time and at 65-70 ° for 25 min 2 times, aged in a sieve - 3-5 hours at 30 °, the alignment The moisture content of the product - within three or four days. second way. Fresh raspberries can be stored for more than 8 hours To increase shelf life (with a large number of berries) up to three days, the fruits of raspberries, as well as strawberries, pour sugar (400 g per 1 kg of berries), place in refrigerator and kept for 70 hours at a temperature of 3-5 °. After draining the juice of a further processing operation is similar to the mass the first method of curing. When curing some raspberry varieties with non-plogiostseplennymi drupe cooked them in sugar syrup is not carried out. In this case, the mass after draining the juice to be dried (see third way). As a result, although separated from the fruit juice will be smaller and sun-dried product would be less sweet, but the berries retain their shape (not crumble). third way. Raspberry prepared as described above. Then they poured sugar (400 g per 1 kg of berries) o and kept at 20J for 22 h. The separated canned juice by the first method. Berries are packed into a colander or in a strainer, drain the juice yield completely and shift on a baking sheet. Further processing and drying is carried out by the first method. BOILED Jam is best to use fresh ripe medium and large fruits with plotnostseplenny-mi drupe. From overripe Immature fruits and preserves the quality is worse and less frxagrant. Overripe berries boiled soft, and immature There are stringent. A good jam is prepared from yarkook-Rushen dense fruit, such varieties as news Kuzmin Lathan, Visluha, Usanka, Rubin Bulgarian, Barnaul. first method. Sorted and cleaned of sepals berries in layers pour sugar (1 kg of fruit take 400 g of sugar) and kept in the same way as when drying. The resulting juice is drained and canned. For the rest mass prepare the syrup at the rate of 750 g of sugar and 650 grams of water at 1 kg. In vskipevshy syrup immersed mass, to stand for 1.5-2 hours, bring to a boil and cook over medium heat for the lid is closed. Periodically removing the pan from the heat, shake it circular motion, bringing down the foam to the center and then clean it. 10 minutes before end of cooking in addition to sleep sugar (350 g). The whole cycle lasts 30-35 minutes of cooking. Ready jam packed in a hot state until higher in the warmed jars, which are sealed. Sometimes for the greater guarantees the preservation of the product is packed with hot jars jam and hooded lids loosely placed in water, heated to a temperature of 90-95 ° and pasteurized: 0.5 liter - for 8-10 min, 0.75 l-12 min and 1 l - xinfor 14 minutes, after which the banks are finally sealed. second way. Berries are prepared in the same way as the first method of cooking. Raw pour sugar (1 kg of fruit take 400 g of sugar) and a temperature of 3-5 ° to stand for three days. After draining the juice of the further process of cooking is similar to jam in the first method. JAM Use the fruits of all sorts. At the same time take not only ripe, but immature, broken, wrinkled, overripe fruit, pour their sugar (400 g per 1 kg of berries) and kept at 20 ° for 22 h. After that, the juice is drained and canned, and in the remaining mass (1 kg) was added hot water (450 g), sugar (600 g), juice or pectin gooseberries or black currant (150 g), stirred and cook. After boiling the resulting foam periodically removed. Then cook on medium heat for 20-25 minutes, stirring in order to avoid stick. Determine the willingness of jam packed and it just as in the case of making strawberry jam. fig Prepared from ripe and overripe berries. Their preparation, the amount of sugar and juice extraction modes for the same in the case of preparations of dried raspberries. After draining a fruit juice is poured a lot of hot water (500 g per 1 kg weight), stirred, rubbed through a sieve, add sugar (400 g), stirred again, put on the fire and boiled with stirring, until, until the mixture thickens. Subsequent operations are the same as in the case of preparation figs from strawberries. Jelly To make jelly using raspberry juice, the resulting when dried, cooked jam, jam or fig. Juice boiled, adding a 500 g of sugar per 1 kg, over medium heat. He should thicken so that dripped from a spoon large drops or stretched threads. Finished with hot jelly is poured in banks. COMPOTE first method. To prepare compote (infusion) are taking 200 g of dried raspberries. It poured 700 g vskipevshey, but ostuzhennoy to a temperature of 90 ° water and soaked xinfor 1.5 hours at room temperature. second way. Take 100 g of dried raspberries, 50g dried strawberries, dried 50g celery, pour 1 liter of boiled water with a temperature of 90 °, for insisting © 2 hours, then stir and drink the third dish.
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