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Blackberry is widespread throughout the European part of USSR, West Siberia, Central Asia, the Crimea, the Caucasus. Wild overgrown her - a source of delicious berries. Gives more higher yields than raspberries. Fruits - prefabricated juicy drupes, which are not separated from soft white edible plodolozha. Paint them black red, yellow. Ripen in August. The berries taste pleasant, sweet-sour, slightly gorchaschie. In the garden blackberries are much larger than the wild. Fruits contain 83-86% water, 8 - sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose), 1.8-pectin, up to 1.4% acids (dominated by citric acid), vitamins A, C, E, tannins and flavors, potassium, copper, manganese. In the central band of three varieties of cultivated blackberries: Agave, abundant, and xtexas. These varieties are grown and home gardens. SMOKED first method. Dried product can be prepared from berries of all varieties and wild blackberries. For this ripe berries piled in a bowl, pour in layers sugar (450 g per 1 kg of berries) and incubated at 20 ° for 24 h. The decanted juice process it, and the remaining mass is subjected to heat treated for 7 min in a sugar syrup at a temperature 85 ° (of sugar - 350 grams of sugar and water to 1 kg). Further processing is carried out as in curing raspberries (See sec. 23). Juice obtained from fruits of blackberries, have a low acidity, so they should be blended with juices different acidity (red and white currants, rhubarb). For added flavor raspberry juice or celery. second way. Peppered sugar berries at a temperature of 3-5 °. incubated for three days, and then, after draining the juice vyaryat by the first method. BOILED Cook from fresh ripe berry garden and wild blackberries. As the fruit of blackberry, and, consequently, jam them, have no flavor when cooked in it add the rose petals. first method. With white, pink, red roses and other early morning gather the petals (the collection in the middle of the day they reduced the content of essential oil), finely chopped, pour sugar (50 g per 100 g of petals take sugar in 1 kg of weight), put in bowl, cover Cover and leave for two days. Preparation of fruit and the separation of juice from the fruit of blackberry jam cooking performed as well as in drying and. After draining the juice of fruit netolstym layer shift in a wide bowl, add to it prepared for sugar rose petals and pour the hot Syrup made from the calculation of 700 grams of sugar and water to 1 kg (fruits and leiestzhi roses should be free to swim) incubated for 3-5 hours, then cook as well as strawberry jam. second way. After separating the juice from the fruit of blackberry raw Pour hot syrup (prigotoi lennym-rate of 600 g sugar, 450 water and 200 grams of juice of red or white currants 1 kg of raw material), then cook until done by the first method making jam from strawberries (see p. 19.). third way. The fruit of blackberries (1 kg) and cut the petals fresh roses (50 g) were placed in a container, pour sugar sand (500 g) and kept at 2-5 ° for three days. After draining the sap boiling process is similar to strawberry jam on the first method (see p. 19.). JAM Prepared from ripe berries blackberries. For this purpose you can use broken, crumpled and overripe berries. Immature fruits can not be use as the resulting juice and jam in this case will taste bitter. For Branch juice 1 kg peeled berries blackberry poured 450 g sugar and incubated under the same regime as when cooked jam in the first and second methods. After drain juice into a mass of 700 grams of added sugar and water to 1 kg and heated for 8-10 min. Then, put 400 g sugar and cook, stirring occasionally, until tender (jelly consistency with the presence of boiled fruit). Packing and packaging as described above. Blackberry fruit weakly gelling, so for more thick jam during cooking add 20% mashed black, red currants or gooseberries, which are rich in gelling substances. fig Cook from ripe and overripe berries. Their preparation and further preparation, such as figs and from raspberries (see page 25).. Detailed description of the preparation See figs with. 21 - "fig" from the strawberries, the first and the second method. Jelly Brewed from the juice obtained in the preparation of dried product, jam, jam, figs. To make the jelly Best of blackberry flavor and aroma are taking in equal proportions blackberry and raspberry juice, 400 grams of sugar per 1 liter of boiled and on technology for jelly raspberries (see page 25).. Preserves To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 grams of dewberry, 50 - raspberries, 50 - and honeysuckle 50 g cherries; 2. 100 g blackberries, 50 - Strawberry, 50 - and pears 50 g - magnolia; 3. 100 grams of dewberry, 50 - apples, 50 -, and 50 g shadberry Physalis.
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