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Red currant in the wild is found throughout European USSR and Siberia. Cultivated it almost everywhere. Most common in the central regions of European Russia, Urals and in the Volga region. It differs from most black currant frost and less demanding to moisture soil (on wet soils grow poorly.) For high-yield red currant varieties include early maturing - Generous; Middle-first-born, Faya fertile; later - Varshevicha, Dutch red. Good grades considered as the Red Cross, Chulkovskaya, North star, Caucasian, etc. White currant varieties are distributed mainly for garden use. They are middle-early ripening have high yields of berries and winter hardiness. These varieties include white and Yuterbogskaya Versailles. Of the other varieties of white currants in central The Dutch found a white (curly), Bois de and transparent. In berries of red and white currants contain 4-10% Sugars, acids, 2-4%, pectin and tannin substance, vitamin C (up to 30 mg%) and P, mineral salts, pigments. In leaves and fruits are no essential oil. Although the berries are red and white currants have a large number of seeds, they are suitable for all species conservation. SMOKED first method. Use all sorts of berries and red white currants. They are well washed in cold water; then separated from the brush and washed in boiling water, give drain it, put berries in a bowl, sprinkling with sugar sand (450 g per 1 kg of fruit) and kept at 20 ° for 28 h. After draining the juice of berries processed in a sugar syrup (for its preparation take the sugar and water to 350 g per 1 kg) at temperature of 80 ° C for 5 min. Further process drying of red and white currants dried similar black currants. second way. Berries are red and white currants mixed in the same proportion or add to them a black berries currants in equal parts, there is no need further blending juice. Curing process is similar to the first method, only to separate the juice of berries stand for 72 hours at a temperature of 3-5 °. BOILED The berries of red or white currants can be prepared jam, but first needed to separate the juice, as in drying berries. The brewing process is similar to the method of cooking jam Black currant. To prepare syrup, after separation Juice takes 1.1 - 1.2 kg of sugar per 1 kg. To create a flavor is added during cooking jam with rose petals (cm, cooking blackberry jam with. 27) or 1G0 g of raspberry juice. COMPOTE To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1. 100 grams of red or white currants, 50 - blackcurrant, 50 - 50 g of pears and cherries; 2. 100 grams of red or white currants, 50 - honeysuckle 50 - 50 g raspberries and apples; 3. 100 grams of red or white currants, 50 strawberries, 50 - Cherry and 50 grams of apricots.
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