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Cultivated throughout the USSR. The main areas cultivation - the central area of ??the RSFSR, the north and west of Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic republics. In the south, not very common, because not tolerate hot weather. Gather gooseberries in full maturity, but not overripe. They contain up to 13.55% of the Sakha-ditch, 0,9-2,8% of acids, tannins substances, pectin, 'nitrogen, vitamin C (up to 60 mg%) B vitamins and P-carotene. The berries of different varieties vary in size, shape, color and taste. Sladkoplodnye varieties are often called "Northern grapes." Noteworthy are the following Class: Medium early - Pioneer Venus Seedling Lefort, Malachite, Green bottle, is middle - English yellow, Collective Farm, Moscow red, Russian, Change, Eaglet (Besshipny grade) of medium - Houghton, Dates (Green number 8). The best varieties with yellow flesh color. Juices of red fruits in storage are changing color. SMOKED Use a large shot in the technical maturity of the fruit. first method. The berries are separated from the stalk and sepals, prohmyvayut in boiling water, prick the hedgehog (Fig. 3) for better secretion (left on tenterhooks "hedgehog" berry pressing a finger on the button to reset the cover puller, with the release button spring, one end resting on the bottom of the body, returns to the body through the stripper supporting the puck, the pin and rod). Then fold berries into containers, layers pour sugar at the rate of 450 g per 1 kg and incubated at 20 ° C for 26 h. After draining juice preparation process of dried product is similar to getting dried strawberries, but the rest mass Pour syrup, cooked at the rate of 300 g sugar 250 g water to 1 kg, kept in closed containers at 85 ° for 8 minutes in the oven at 80 ° - 20 minutes and at 65-70 °-double in 25 minutes in a sieve at 30 ° - 3-5 hours Humidity level the product within three to four days. Moisture cured product - 22-23%. second way. Drying is carried out by the first method, but stand for the separation of fruit juice 2 times at 20 ° for 18 hours, sugar, respectively, while taking 250 and 200 g to 1 kg. The resulting juice is pooled and preserved. For heat treatment of the mass of the syrup is prepared at the rate of 350 g sugar and water to 1 kg. Gooseberry juice blended with juices of strawberries, apricots, fresh apple, raspberry, cherry, chokeberry, black currant. BOILED first method. Take a large reached normal size unripe (sour taste) berries. Remove stem, cut sepals and washed in water. Once the berries are dry off from They removed the seeds, put berries into containers, pour sugar (450 g to 1 kg) and maintained at a temperature 20 ° for 26 h. After draining the juice of the fruit is placed in the pelvis and Pour hot syrup (for the preparation of which take 800 g of sugar and 750 grams of water per 1 kg of berries), close lid and incubated for 2-3 hours, so that berries are filled with syrup. Then cook as well as strawberry jam. 10 min before the end of cooking to preserve an additional 450 grams of sugar poured sand. second way. Take a small shot in the technical maturity berries, and the use of varieties with small seeds. Prepare fruit and sugar for Kryzhovnik Department of juice, such as in curing the first method. Kept at 3-5 ° for three days. After draining the sap is boiled in the first method, JAM Use a ripe, slightly overripe, small and large berries. They are carefully sorted out so as not to fall berries with mold. Preparation of berries, sugar, aging are the same as that of a dried product second way. After draining the juice is poured into a mass of hot water (650 g to 1 kg), poured sugar (900 g to 1 kg) stir and cook in one go, as strawberry jam (See sec. 20). For the best flavor and aroma of jam prepared with raspberries or black currant. In this case, taking 800 grams of gooseberry + 200 g of raspberries or gooseberries 750 g + 250 g of black currant. From a mixture of berries juice is separated as in curing gooseberry the second method. Jelly Use the juice obtained by drying the product, cooking and jam. To make jelly flavor mixed gooseberry juice (60%), black currant (25%) and strawberries (15%). Sugar is added to taste. At first, cook for high heat, removing the foam, then the weak - to thicken (See in-gotovlenie jelly raspberry, c, 25). Thereafter packed hot. Preserves To 1 liter of boiled water take dried foods: 1.100 g gooseberries, 50 - black currant, 50 - 50 g of pears and celery; 2.100 g gooseberries, 50 - red currants, 50 - 50 g raspberries and apples; 3.100 g gooseberries, 50 - Cherry, 50 - 50 g strawberries and white currants.
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